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About the Whispering Meadows farms...

Whispering Meadows was founded in 2003 by Dean and Trish Scott, on their 127-acre family farm just north of Guelph.  Dean was raised on a beef/cash crop operation in Lucan, and Trish grew up on a dairy/beef operation north of Guelph.  Between them, they have over 90 years of experience raising cattle!

Our focus has always been to grow our animals with the very best methods, so we can offer a supreme quality meat, direct from the source to your kitchen table.  Care and kindness towards our animals are our top priority, along with 100% natural and organic healthy growing conditions.

All of our animals are fed a diet that is 100% plant and vegetable based, and free of antibiotics and synthetic hormones.  We use non-GMO corn and feeds, and certified organic methods wherever possible.

In 2014, Whispering Meadows expanded to welcome our new “succession generation” farmers, who will ensure that we maintain the exact same food quality, all-natural health protocols, and holistic farming practices that you have always expected from us, as we grow and expand our production.

Randy Martin is from an 8th-generation farming family.  He offers years of experience in the cattle business, and is fully committed to using all-natural and organic farming practices.  His injection of fresh energy and enthusiasm is bringing your Whispering Meadows beef, pork, lamb and chicken up to an even higher standard of nutrition, quality and health!


Randy and Ang MartinRandy and Ang are newly married, and are busy preparing the barns and pastures at their recently-purchased farm in Grey County to make a home for their Whispering Meadows Black Angus beef herd.  Dean and Trish are consulting on every step to ensure that their beef supply is the exact same – if not better – than you have always enjoyed from Whispering Meadows.

We are thrilled to have been able to find some young cattle farmers whose experience (along with Randy’s parents’ and grandparents’ cattle farming experience) is a perfect complement to the Whispering Meadows protocols – for health, nutrition, outstanding quality, and food safety.

Randy and Ang are raising our line of Whispering Meadows certified organic chickens – cage free, drug free, antibiotic free, GMO-free, and growth hormone free – in their modern European-style cathedral-ceiling barn.  Europe is well known for being way ahead in livestock quality of life and animal husbandry, and we’re raising your chickens “country club” style in an environment that keeps them in ideal conditions for year-round comfort.


We’re proud to be able to offer you what we feel are the best meats available anywhere, and to support the locally-grown food philosophy.

If you haven’t already tried our meats, we’d love to have you taste them.

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