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Coppa Bacon — 5 lbs for 10.3% off

Our cured coppa (shoulder) bacon is made from naturally pasture raised heritage pork, and available direct from our local family farmCertified organic pork from Whispering Meadows

Order 5 pounds of coppa bacon, and save 10.3%.

Coppa bacon, or shoulder bacon, has many of the same characteristics & flavour of pork-belly bacon.  It just comes in much larger round slices, and has a touch more meaty pork flavour.  Because it’s cross-cut from the shoulder, it’s made up of many different muscle groups, each one of which has its own slightly different character — so it’s fun to eat each part separately and see what makes it unique.

If you love our bacon, this is another great option to try.  We cure it in the same way, with real maple syrup and natural smokehouse wood smoke.

It’s thick-sliced, in discs about 4”×6” across.  Which makes it a perfect size to add to sandwiches or burgers — or just to enjoy on its own as part of a deluxe breakfast.

Order naturally pasture-raised pork chops direct from the farm in Ontario Canada

Our coppa bacon comes from the shoulder of our organic pasture-raised pork, and is naturally maple smoked.

Our coppa bacon is made from our certified organic pork, and comes in 1-lb packages.  Volume pricing of 5× 1-lb packages, 5 lbs in total, gives you a savings of $9.25.  Delivered frozen to your door.

Ingredients:  certified organic pork, maple syrup, salt, cultured celery powder, natural wood smoke.

5× 1-lb packages, delivered frozen to your door.

Price: $79.87