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Our cattle are raised with nature in mind!

We’ve used our 80+ years of combined cattle-farming experience to create a superior health-management system…

…that ensures you are getting the healthiest beef possible.

To keep our cattle healthy, we follow a protocol that is based on natural farming methods.  Our goal is not just to prevent illnesses, but to ensure glowing health.

That’s part of our secret for giving you such great beef!


Our herd is managed in a way that gives them everything they need for peak health, and keeps their stress level to a minimum.  We believe in a simple philosophy:

no stress = great health


We monitor our herd daily, so we can spot any health problems early.  That way, we can overcome any health issues before they become a problem.


In the ultra-rare cases when one of our animals does need treatment for a health concern, we use natural methods first.


Our very last resort is Health Canada approved medication.

If we do have to medicate one of our cattle, we always exceed recommended medicine withdrawal periods.  And we keep comprehensive records of each of our animals’ health history, so you can know exactly how the beef you’re eating was raised.

Quality starts here

Our production practices also include food-safety guidelines developed by the Quality Starts Here Verified Beef Production Program.

This program helps us to make sure that you’re getting the safest and healthiest beef possible, by setting health control-points and best production practices for food safety.

It adds up to top-quality beef

We go above and beyond almost every health management recommendation, to make sure that our animals get an extremely high standard of life.

And that translates to a supremely safe, incredibly tasty and succulently tender quality of beef, for you to enjoy at your dinner table.

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