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Other Cuts of Meat

Beef Cubes for Stews or Kebabs – 1lb packet

Price: $12.95

Our beef cubes are made up of the best lean offcuts from our steaks and roasts — left over from when our butcher cuts up a side of beef.

It is the exact same all-natural, tender and delicious Angus beef that you know and love, just cubed into mouthwatering chunks for gourmet stewing or juicy kebabs for the BBQ.

Each package is one pound of beef cubes.

Our grain finished beef has the edge in sweetness and tenderness. Our grass-fed beef has the edge in flavour complexity and overall nutrient value.  Read more about grassfed vs grain finished beef.

Beef Tongue

Price: $9.95

Beef tongue is a thick, juicy and fulfilling meat, and is usually cooked with onions and spices, and the skin removed after cooking.  It can be served as a main dish, or on crackers as an appetizer. It is also excellent in sandwiches, tacos and burritos.

Tongue is also a great addition to a raw diet for your pets.  Both dogs and cats can benefit from an occasional meal of tongue in addition to the other meats in their diet.

Beef Heart

Price: $9.95

Beef heart is a lean organ meat that is very high in iron, riboflavin, selenium and vitamin B12.  It is also high in niacin, phosphorus and zinc.

Heart is delicious in stews, and can also be served on its own, fried with onions and vegetables, or stuffed and baked.

Beef Bones

Price: $8.45

These soup bones add a deliciously rich flavour to soups, stews and beef stock.  Just simmer them on low heat for an hour or more with plenty of water.  And you can easily freeze extra beef stock in batches for later use.

Bone broth is increasingly being rediscovered for its health benefits, as it is an excellent natural source of collagen, glutamine, proline and glycine, plus many minerals.  All traditional cultures have bone broth as a staple in their diet.  It is said to promote digestion, skin and joint health, and immune system function.

Beef Liver (sliced)

Price: $4.50

Liver is high in iron, very high in vitamins A, B6 and B12, and also very high in niacin, pantothenic acid, phosphorus, riboflavin, selenium and zinc.

And because our beef is naturally raised with no antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones, it is also free of many of the toxins that can accumulate in the livers of some less healthy animals.

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