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Beef rib plate

Whispering Meadows brings you naturally-raised, grass-fed and grain finished beef that is free range and pasture raised with zero antibiotics or artificial hormones. Order online direct from our farm!For the foodie or home chef, there aren’t many cuts of meat that are more tempting than the beef rib plate.  Our pasture-raised Black Angus rib plate gives you four pounds of rib deliciousness to play with, spanning four ribs.

Beef ribs should be cooked low & slow.  Most commonly, they are cooked with moist heat in a savoury-sweet marinade, but they are also amazing in a smoker or Southern-style barbeque.  The results are a fork-tender meat with some of the greatest flavour of any cut of beef.

Black Angus beef rib plate, raised on free-range pasture with no antibiotics, steroids, or growth hormones

“Had the rack last night and it was exquisite — certainly the best we have ever had!”

Janet F., London, ON

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Our beef cattle are naturally raised without antibiotics or synthetic hormones, on free-range organic pasture.  We dry-age each side of beef for a full three weeks, then our artisanal butcher hand cuts each piece with individual care.  We think the results give you the very best cuts of meat you can find anywhere.

Order your beef rib plates direct from the farm, fresh-frozen in 4-pound (1.82kg) rib plates with 4 ribs each.  We’ll deliver them right to your door.

Our grain-finished beef has the edge in sweetness and tenderness. Our grassfed beef has the edge in nutrient profile and flavour complexity. Read more about the difference here.