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Burgers and Dogs Box

Certified organic pork is the main ingredient in our all-natural weiners.We’ve put together some family-friendly mixed boxes of burgers and hot dogs, to save you up to 20%.

Our hamburgers are made from our amazing lean ground beef, pre-shaped into patties for you, so you can be grill-ready at any time.  If you ever need a quick and easy meal, having these in your freezer will get your family fed in minutes.  Each ready-to-use burger patty is just under a half-pound of pure ground beef, with zero fillers — and we vacuum-seal them for you in 4-packs, for quick convenience.

Our hot dogs are locally hand-made with 65% pork and 35% beef, so they’re bursting with flavour.  They have no artificial additives or fillers — only organically grown meats with all-natural seasonings.  Both adults and kids love a good wiener, whether it’s at a barbeque, or for a quick meal that you can have ready at any time.  And there are so many ways to dress them up — you can turn them into a gourmet experience, or keep them super simple.

A quick tip:  if you need to thaw your meat quickly, put it in a bowl of warm water while it’s still in its vacuum-seal bag, and it will thaw out in just a few minutes.

Our burger and hot dog boxes give you a nice discount on premium naturally-raised & organic meatsWe offer two sizes of Burgers & Dogs Boxes:

  • The 6-pound box gives you 2× 4-packs of burgers, and 3× 5-packs of hot dogs, for 15% off — a total of 8 burger patties and 15 hot dogs, for a savings of $12.95.
  • The 12-pound box gives you 5× 4-packs of burgers, and 5× 5-packs of hot dogs, for 20% off — a total of 20 burger patties and 25 hot dogs, for a $38.20 savings.

The regular boxes give you our extremely popular grain-finished beef burgers.  Or you can upgrade to grassfed beef burgers for just a little more.

Choose your box:

Our grain-finished beef has the edge in sweetness and tenderness. Our grassfed beef has the edge in nutrient profile and flavour complexity. Read more about the difference here.