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Certified Organic Chickens

Certified organic, locally-grown, naturally raised cage-free chickenWhispering Meadows is Ontario’s leading family-farm producer of certified organic, naturally raised chicken.  We sell direct from our farm to you, and we grow our birds to the highest standards:

  • cage free,
  • drug free,
  • antibiotic free,
  • artificial growth hormone free,
  • Certified organic chicken from Whispering Meadowsand raised on GMO-free, organically grown grains & feed.

We give you the option of whole or pre-cut chickens.  From time to time, we also have extra-large chickens available.

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We also offer you individual cuts of organic chicken:  chicken breast, thighs, drumsticks, wings, legs, and ground chicken.  Plus chicken sausages and chicken burger patties.  And we even bring you organic chicken stock in 1-litre glass jars.

Certified organic whole roasted chicken - free-range, cage-free, pastured, and naturally processed to better than organic standards.

Raised in comfortable, cage-free conditions

Our European-style, cathedral-ceiling chicken barn has the latest technology to give our chickens a perfect growing environment.  Europe is well known for being way ahead in maintaining a high quality of life for livestock.  Our high-tech heating, cooling and humidification systems keep our birds in ideal conditions for year-round comfort.

Cage free naturally raised chickensIt’s very important to us that we raise our chickens cage-free.  One reason is that it’s more humane — it lets chickens be chickens: walking, pecking, dust bathing, perching, and spreading their wings.  Chickens keep more of their feathers when they’re cage-free, they get fewer scrapes and bruises, and they have much lower overall stress levels.

The European Food Safety Authority analyzed health data from over 5,000 chicken farms in Europe and found that cage-free chickens are up to 25 times less likely to have salmonella.  Salmonella is the second-most common cause of foodborne illness in Canada — which gives us an even stronger reason to raise our birds cage-free, and help keep your family healthy and safe.

We believe that keeping our chickens as stress-free as possible means that their meat is safer, healthier, more nutritious… and more delicious!  Order below.

Treated with care and kindness

Customer feedback:

“Awesome! We love your chicken. There is so much meat on those birds, plus it is so moist!”

Melissa G., Guelph

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Besides being cage-free, there are a number of ways we treat your chickens better than anyone:

  • We never clip the chickens’ beaks or wings.  These are practices that many commercial growers use when chickens are caged or overcrowded, to prevent them from harming each other.  But since we keep our chickens in a spacious, comfortable environment, they do not have the stress that causes those kinds of behaviours.
  • We use dust-free wood shavings for the chickens’ bedding material.  This is a soft, very absorbent material that also helps insulate their feet from the ground if it gets cold.
  • And when we have to handle the chickens, we take great care to handle them as humanely as we possibly can.

And we make sure their health and nutrition is as natural as possible too…

Raised without drugs, antibiotics or artificial growth hormones

Boneless, skinless chicken thighsAntibiotics have been used routinely to raise chickens since the 1940’s, when it was discovered that including antibiotics into their feeds makes the chickens grow faster, and reduces feed costs for the farmer. 

But as food safety is growing in everyone’s awareness, the dangers of creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria – and of eating antibiotic residues – are causing major concerns.  Our health management protocols ensure that your chicken is never given antibiotics at any point in its lifetime.

There are also many other drugs that are commonly used as growth promoters in chickens.  We believe that our food should remain free of these kinds of drugs, and be raised as naturally as possible for our health and wellbeing.

So Whispering Meadows chicken is 100% free of antibiotics, drugs and synthetic hormones.  And it always will be.

Grown on certified organic, non-GMO feeds

Customer feedback:

“This meat is the best chicken I have ever had in my life and I grew up on a farm. It melted in my mouth and the flavour is like nothing you could ever get at a grocery store. I won’t buy my meat from anywhere else ever again.”

Stacey M., Toronto

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As more and more of the feed grains that are being grown in North America are genetically modified, it has become a real challenge to find a source of chicken feed that is guaranteed to be GMO-free. 

We always use the best and most natural organic feeds that we can find, and we now have partnerships with local producers of 100% certified organic non-GMO feed.

Our chicken feeds are 3rd-party certified to be grown and processed using only organic food production practices.  So you can be fully assured of its quality, nutritional value, non-GMO status… and total freedom from any residues of pesticides, fungicides, or other agrochemicals.

This makes your chicken meat even more natural, local and healthy!

And we go even further to give you the best chicken possible…

Processed the old-fashioned way

Whispering Meadows delivers certified organic chicken to your door. Order online.Did you know that most commercial chicken processors use a process called plumping to increase the weight of the meat?  Saltwater, often containing seaweed extracts, is injected into the meat, which artificially increases its weight — and its sodium content.

Whispering Meadows chicken is processed at a government-inspected, family-owned processing facility, using traditional, time honoured methods.  We keep it simple and natural, and we never add or inject anything into your meat.

We do regular water retention tests in our processing area to make sure we get minimal water absorption in the meat.  Government regulations allow water retention in commercially processed chicken to be between 6% and 8%.  We aim for less than 1% water retention, and we consistently average under 0.7 percent.

So you get the full weight of chicken that you’re paying for, and with no added bulk or salt.

And we don’t use any chemicals in our processing either…

Even our cleaning is organic!

Whispering Meadows certified organic chickens are processed with all natural methods and cleaning products.All of the cleaning agents in our processing area are organic certified.  And all of our processing procedures are certified organic too — no chlorine or other toxic chemical disinfectants are used anywhere around your meat.

The water that we use to chill the chicken is ultraviolet treated.  UV light kills bacteria and viruses without the use of chemicals or bleaches that are often used to “clean” water.

Our small chicken processing facility ensures that organic integrity is maintained and upheld through all phases of processing.  And that allows you to trust that your Whispering Meadows chicken is as healthy, natural and safe as it can be.

Here’s how to get your chicken…

Delivery to your door

Customer feedback:

“The chicken was excellent — very tasty and moist, lots of meat, and not fatty.”

Anees M., Rockwood

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We deliver your naturally-raised meats frozen, right to your door, anywhere in Southern Ontario.  Farther afield, we can also send your order frozen to shipping terminals around the province.  Click here to read more about our delivery options.

Another option is to meet us at one of our weekly group drop-off points, free of charge.  If you select a pick-up option at checkout, we’ll be in touch to arrange a time for you to meet us there.

You can also choose how you want your chicken prepared:

Two ways to order

Organic chicken can be ordered online whole or cut.The finished chickens come frozen, packaged and labeled in clear freezer bags.

You can order each chicken either whole, or pre-cut.

Each WHOLE chicken comes sealed, skin on, with the neck, feet, and organs removed.  They each weigh an average of 3.4 pounds, ± 5‑10%.

Each PRE-CUT chicken is separated into its parts, which are individually bagged, then packaged together.  They are 3.2 pounds each on average, ± 5‑10%.  Each package contains:

  • 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts,
  • 2 boneless skinless thighs,
  • 2 drumsticks,
  • 4 wing pieces,
  • and 1 soup-stock rack…

…each sealed into convenient individual bags, and wrapped up together into a larger chicken package.  So if you want, you can just use the breasts for one meal, the thighs for another meal, and so on, while keeping the other parts frozen.

Please note that no organ meats are included with your chicken — they are not available from our processor.

We keep our prices very reasonable

We’ve set our pricing at less than you would spend just about anywhere else for organic chicken — so you’re getting a healthier and more delicious option, supporting local family farming, and saving money, all at the same time.

Our chickens are priced at $8.94/lb ($1.97/100g) for whole chickens, and $10.57/lb ($2.33/100g) for pre-cut chickens.

Volume pricing:  if you order 15 chickens at a time, we’ll give you 17% off.  Save $77.64 for 15 whole chickens, or save $88.59 on 15 pre-cut chickens.

Order your certified organic whole or pre-cut chickens online, and we'll deliver them to your door, anywhere in Southern OntarioSelect the chicken option you would like, and click ‘Add to Cart’ below.  * If you want to order some whole AND some pre-cut chickens, you can change the type and click ‘Add to Cart’ for the quantity of each type you want.  You can also adjust the quantities when you view your shopping cart.

Individual chickens may vary in weight by ± 10%.  If you just order one, we’ll make sure that it’s at least the average weight.  And if you order multiple chickens, we’ll make sure that their average weight is at least 3.4 lbs for whole chickens, and 3.2 lbs for pre-cut.

Extra-large whole chickens

Certified organic whole roasting chickens from Whispering Meadows are free-range, cage-free, pastured, and fed on non-GMO organic feedsFrom time to time, we hand-rear some of our slower-growing chickens until they get to a good size.  When that happens, we hold on to them until they’re roughly double the weight of our usual chickens, and we give you an additional option of ordering extra-large whole chickens.  We also think they end up with a slightly more meaty flavour than our regular size.  A great choice if you’re looking for a larger roasting chicken.

Like all of our birds, the extra-large chickens are organically grown and free-range.  They’re raised and processed exactly the same way as our regular-sized chickens.  Dressed whole, skin-on, with the neck, feet, and organs removed.  6.5 pounds (2.95 kg) each, and priced at only $7.69/lb.  Limited quantity available.

Choose your chicken:

You can order your chickens WHOLE, or PRE-CUT into 2 boneless-skinless breasts, 2 thighs, 2 drumsticks, 4 wing pieces, and 1 soup-stock rack.