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Chicken drumsticks

Order certified organic chicken online direct from the farm in Ontario Canada.Our certified organic chicken is free-range, fed on organic feeds, and treated with care and kindness.Chicken drumsticks are a quick pleaser for friends and family — and fun for little hands.  They’re great for casual meals, and excellent for lunches and leftovers.

Because the bone is in, it’s easy to toss drumsticks in a sauce and throw them in the oven, without too much worry of overcooking.  They’ll stay tender and juicy while you put together the rest of the meal.

We hand-raise our chickens to better than organic standards — cage-free, free-range, and with certified organic non-GMO feeds.  We treat them with care and kindness, in a spa-like environment with clean wood shavings and high-tech air quality controls.

We also offer a bulk pack with 10× 1-lb packets of organic chicken drumsticks for 20% off.

Buy gourmet certified organic chicken drumsticks direct from the farm in Ontario Canada

If you haven’t tried organic chicken before, you won’t believe the difference in flavour.  Many professional chefs are now using organic ingredients exclusively, because of the fuller and richer flavour.  Your recipes will get an instant boost in deliciousness just by switching to Whispering Meadows chicken.

Order your organic chicken drumsticks direct from the farm, ready to use in frozen packets of 1-lb (454g) each.  This gives you the convenience of having chicken drumsticks on hand whenever you need them — and we’ll deliver your order right to your door.

Our organic chicken drumsticks are priced at $6.85/lb ($1.51/100g).  Sold in one-pound packages.

Price: $6.85