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Certified organic chicken pre-order

Organic chicken can be ordered online whole or cut.We are unfortunately sold out of chicken until late July.  Because so many people have asked us for it, we’ve put up this page to allow you to pre-order your chicken, so you can get it as soon as it’s back in stock.

You can pre-order as many chicken products as you like.  Just select a product, enter a quantity, and press the “Add to cart” button.  Then repeat for any additional products you want.  The quantities can also be changed later in your shopping cart.

All deposits are fully refundable if you change your mind about your order.

For whole or pieced chickens, the pre-order deposit is $10, with the balance due at the time of pick-up or delivery, based on the actual weight of the chickens you receive:  $6.25/lb for whole chickens, and $6.95/lb for pre-cut chickens, minus your deposit.

Certified organic chicken from Whispering MeadowsYou will be welcome to add any other products you need to your chicken delivery when it’s ready.

For a full description of our chicken, please read through our chicken page.

Important:  When you pre-order chicken together with other products, we will wait and deliver your entire order to you when the chicken is ready.  If you want to receive other products sooner, please check out with separate orders for your chicken and your other items.  Thank you.

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For each product that you want to pre-order, select that product, enter a quantity, and press 'Add to cart'. Repeat for other products as desired. Quantities may be changed in the shopping cart.