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Chicken Sausages

Order certified organic chicken online direct from the farm in Ontario Canada.Certified organic chicken sausages have all the flavour and are low in fatOur chicken sausages are hand-made from our certified organic ground chicken, with natural casings and all-natural ingredients.  They contain a blend of white and dark meat for maximum taste and tenderness.

Not only are these sausages juicy and loaded with flavour, they’re also low in fat, so they make a great alternative to pork sausages.  Whether you’re looking for a healthier alternative, or just a new flavour option, we think you’ll love these sausages as much as any you’ve ever tasted.  The natural casings give them a great snap, and the organic chicken meat brings them a rich and complex flavour profile.

Buy gourmet certified organic chicken sausages direct from the farm in Ontario Canada

Each chicken sausage contains our certified organic, free-range ground chicken, with herbs, spices, salt… and nothing else.  No additives, fillers, preservatives, colourings, or MSG.  Just mouthwatering all-natural flavour.

Certified organic chicken sausages on the grill from Whispering MeadowsWe recommend that you defrost them overnight in the fridge, then give them each 2 or 3 small pokes with a sharp knife point.  You can poach them in boiling water until they’re nearly cooked, and then grill or pan-fry them at medium heat to give them a seared finish.  They’re done when an instant-read thermometer shows an internal temperature of 150°F (65°C).

Order your organic chicken sausages direct from the farm, ready to use in frozen packets of 1-lb (454g), each containing four sausages.  Save 13.3% on 10 packages, a $24.71 savings.

Ingredients:  certified organic chicken, herbs & spices, salt, natural hog casings.