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What our customers are saying:

Here are just a few of the glowing reviews that we’ve received from our customers:

Randy, I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with everything!! The lamb is incredible. We love all of it, the chicken, pork, beef!! Never going anywhere else. Thank you.

Monica L., London, Ontario

I got the opportunity to sample some of your meats via my daughter (who has been a customer for a long time) and could not get over how joyous it was to actually be able to taste what meat SHOULD taste like, once again. It’s been decades since I could actually say that. And when your tastebuds are thrilled with what you’re offering them, you’ll no longer have to eat twice the quantity to satisfy them. Now both of our households are die-hard fans of ALL your products.

Your beef is amazing! Always tender, ALWAYS full of flavour, and no need to camouflage your steak, burger, or roast with a ton of BBQ sauce & seasonings (like you often have to with supermarket beef, just to make it edible). Same goes with your chicken & pork products! and your Coppa & Maple bacons are absolutely crave-able, BEST Kielbasa I’ve ever had (especially when its thick-sliced & quick-fried like you suggest!). You’ve got me enjoying hotdogs & sausages again without all the guilt that comes with factory-processed ‘stuff’. Your chicken wings simply seasoned & air-fried, are SOOO tender, juicy, with lots of meat on them, and without the need to brine nor deep-fry. Tossing the cooked wings in your favourite sauce is enjoyable … but optional. (Goodbye roadhouse & restaurant wings, you can. not. compete!)

Your Sliced Maple Ham makes outstanding Monte Cristo sandwiches, and your Montreal Smoked meat makes by far the best Rueben sandwiches I’ve ever eaten. Your eggs are superb, tender when cooked, and they taste like eggs (YESSS!); the added bonus is the smile I get on my face when I open the carton & see all the coloured shells — a fantastic way to start your weekend breakfast feast Since it didn’t make sense to cook such fabulous meats with store-bought cartons of broth & stocks, I tried your Chicken Broth & Bone Stock also … FABULOUS! and they work perfectly with the quality of your meats.

Obviously, I could go on forever … but it’s been a long, long time since I’ve actually been this excited about making and eating! our meals — in spite of the fact that in the past I have spent a ton of money on quality, organic meats from other sources that have let me down and are no where near as satisfying as your products.

Customer service is impeccable, updates & communication on the day of delivery are second-to-none, delivery drivers are soooo courteous & caring … and your order arrives perfectly packaged & frozen as promised!

Cathy W., Lucan, Ontario

I ordered the Deluxe Mixed Meat Box, grass fed, grain finished, and I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with the selection of meat received. It is packaged and labeled so well — excellent presentation. Ordering online was easy and if I had any questions I could speak to a representative, and Cameron provided excellent customer service.

I have tried a bit of each and just can’t wait to try the rest! The bacon was recommended to me to try and it was so delicious, it has a honey maple flavour and it was the best bacon I have ever had. The hamburger was lean and delicious, and that I could make a burger and it was the same size when it was cooked and not sitting in a puddle of fat.

I was holding out on the steak until we got nice weather so I could cook it on the BBQ. I finally got to try one, it was the New York Strip Loin Steak and it was delicious…. moist, juicy, tender, “medium rare” and I had four dogs staring at me for a bite. It was so delicious that I sent a picture to my brother and he said “that’s not a New York Strip Loin that’s in Owen Sound Strip Loin Steak !!”

I’m so pleased with my order and service I have received from Whispering Meadows I have referred them to all my friends and family.

Thank you for bringing us Delicious, Local, Quality, Premium meat to our table and Thank You to all the Farmers and Whispering Meadows!

- Joyce S., Mississauga, Ontario

We are enjoying everything from your farm. From the ground pork, to the tasty, meaty sausages, to the succulent lamb chops, to the bone broth, to the whole tender chicken or parts, plus your organic eggs!!

We are very privileged and grateful that we are able to receive such fine meat, so well cared for. We appreciate all the intense labour and care that you give to your farm.

With many thanks, The Bergin Family

Free-range organic pasture-raised whole suckling pig from Whispering MeadowsEverything was amazing thank you and the team for making it work!

Here is a picture of how things are going today!

Meat tasted so good too, our friends were looking your company up and seeing all the items you offer! We all expect to be ordering more often!

Again thank you and your team for making this work for our family felt so good after all these months to have a fun day and amazing food together.

— Sherrie B., Mississauga, ON

Hi Randy.  I just had to send you a GREAT BIG THANKYOU for the quality of the meat you delivered to my wife and I in Williamsford.  The burger meat was to die for.  All family commented on it without asking…..We have never tasted pork chops like yours before in my entire life!
I just purchased a new WEBER barb.q……We cooked your T.Bone steak last nite……it had no end of FLAVOUR ….melt in your mouth at medium rare…..
This morning we cooked your bacon and had a true Canadian breakfast with farm fresh eggs…..AWESOME FLAVOUR..again!!!
Sorry Randy…you are stuck with us!

– Brian and Linda C., Williamsford, ON

As anyone with ESRD (end stage renal disease) or CKD (chronic kidney disease) knows, controlling phosphorus levels in the body is critical. When my 13 yr old son contracted CKD we found we were no longer able to buy meat products from your average grocery store as each product had phosphates and phosphorous added to them.

The lunch meat ham from Whispering Meadows makes a healthy food option that my son can eat, as it has all natural ingredients, is not processed and has no extra phosphates or phosphorous.

– Ken B., Millbank ON

I purchased a variety pack of beef jerky from Whispering Meadows and was blown away by the quality. I first noticed the texture, it’s got the perfect amount of “give” when you bite down and the consistency is perfect — way better than gas station jerky. I love that the Martin family treats their cattle so well and feeds them a proper diet, which is obviously a rare thing these days. This jerky is a perfect lean, healthy snack. On top of that, they’re kind people, quick to respond and very helpful. Can’t wait to try out some of their other meats, especially the steaks!

– Ian

The quality of Whispering Meadows beef and chicken is exceptional.  For the last six years this is the only beef and chicken that has come into our home.

Randy and Ang have excellent customer service and are always quick to respond.

Nancy Kielar

Just wanted to let you know how much we have been enjoying the beef and chicken that was delivered back in April.  We originally ordered only a couple chickens to “test” them out. We were floored with the difference in taste from store bought!

We currently have many relatives visiting and we have been raving about the beef and chicken from Whispering Meadows.  I’m very happy that you were able to deliver the second order so we could serve it to our visitors.  Everyone was so impressed with how great both the burgers and chicken tasted.

Thank you once again for the great food and great service.
Matt Levesque

Thanks Randy! Fried up a couple of rib steaks on Friday, that is some excellent beef! Looking forward to trying the pork too.

– Mike

Hi Randy I just wanted to let you know that we are incredibly happy with our order. Everything we have tried so far has been fantastic. We will definitely be back for more when this runs out.
Thanks Again

– Dave

I ordered for the first time this year and not only is the beef delicious but when it was delivered I wasn’t home — so Randy was kind enough to bring it into the kitchen and put it in the freezer so my Mum wouldn’t have to carry it!  He was also very quick to respond to emails and overall I’m very happy with their product and service!  Support your local farmers!!

Simone Tranter

We barbecued a rib steak for lunch.  Everyone really liked the steak, my oldest boy said ‘That’s the way steak is supposed to taste.’  I think we can consider this purchase to be a great success.  Thanks.

Ben Anthony, Ottawa

Last year I decided to make this the year I started eating meat only from local farms and as organic as I could.  I did a lot of research and decided Whispering Meadows would be my farm of choice.  I knew there would be a difference in the meat but was amazed at how good it was.  I’m a hamburger lover and I can honestly say its the best hamburgs and hamburger meat I have ever had.  Best Chicken…tastes like what chicken should taste like.  Highly recommend giving them a try.

Sheri Kurtz

Awesome!  We love your chicken.  There is so much meat on those birds, plus it is so moist!

Melissa G., Guelph

We have purchased both the pork and the beef from Whispering Meadows.  The meat is well marbled and wonderfully flavoured.  I have recommended it to family and friends.  Their BBQ boxes are a good way to try a selections of their cuts.

Janice Grondin

I just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying our meat order.  The steaks are so tender and we can’t believe how little fat is in the hamburg.  Thanks again.

Carole Buhay, Toronto

As a customer of Whispering Meadows for several years, I have always found their meats to be of excellent flavour and quality.  I choose shipping from farm to my door and I appreciate how they work very hard to schedule deliveries at a time that fits in my schedule.  With more options than ever now in terms of the types of meat offered, and the available cuts, it is getting easier to choose exactly what works best for my family’s tastes.  Whispering Meadows meat tastes the way I remember meat tasting as a child, and often my dinner guests will mention how good the meat tastes.  I value the opportunity to buy organic and/or naturally raised meat from a friendly farmer that I know and trust.

Karen Heisz

The first time we ordered from Whispering Meadows my husband picked up our order.  He was very impressed and commented to me about the cleanliness and the way in which things were run.

I have had occasion to speak to the owners by phone and found them to be friendly courteous and very accommodating.

The products are excellent.  This is top quality meat and reminds us of the meat we ate as children.  It is important to us to eat organically raised meat products and the products from Whispering Meadows ticks all the boxes.

Dawn Pollock

Randy is an amazing young man and his products are unparalleled!  He came to my rescue for a beef order Dec 23rd in snowy icy weather.  He delivered right to my door!  My son, a self proclaimed expert on beef, said that the steaks were by far the best he had EVER had.  We had several family dinners enjoying Randy’s farm products.  This will def be the #1 place to buy from now on!  You have to try it!

Anita S., Toronto

Yesterday we did a steak dinner.  It was me, my brother’s family and one of our friends.  Everybody said that those steaks were the best they have eaten in the long time.  They said that it tasted sweet and they admitted that it was indeed different from the supermarket product.  Thanks again and once we are done with the rest of our box I will be coming for more.  Thank you again and have a good day!


Alex Todorov

We are repeat customers (side of beef) at Whispering Farms and are very pleased with our meat.  The steaks are excellent and you can really taste the difference in the ground beef when you make hamburgers!  Everything is custom butchered to your specifications.  This year was our first year ordering pork (whole pig) with Randy and we are enjoying that as well.  Randy is always available to answer any questions, and with delivery to your door, what more could you ask for?!  We hope to try the chicken one day, but we are out of freezer space!

Waldemar Piasecki

The chicken was excellent — very tasty and moist, lots of meat, and not fatty.

Anees M., Rockwood

We have ordered twice from Whispering Meadows.  Once just to try, and second time we loved it so much we ordered half a cow!  The meat is so delicious that my hubby BBQ steaks without any seasoning!  Yes!  It’s that good!  We became so spoiled with excellent quality of meat that it made going out to a restaurant not as enjoyable.  Lol.  Choices of meat, the way it is cut and packaged is outstanding.  Delivery was very easy.  We will be ordering again soon.

Iryna Soluk

I have to let you know how much we are enjoying the beef we got last month.  It has easily been the best we have ever bought, and tastes like we eat at an expensive restaurant every time we eat it.

Kevin Young, Guelph

Fantastic service and great quality of meats. I have been a repeat customer for a few years now and continue to enjoy the beef and pork from our last orders.  Keep up the good work!

Peter Hanneson

Customer feedback from Joyce Ho about our natural Angus beefSorry it has taken me so long to contact you…but the beef is AWESOME…I LOOOOOOVE IT!  It’s so tender and delicious!  “I can’t go back to eating regular beef!”  Normally, I like steak rub with my steak, but I find it ruins the grass fed beef!  I’m looking forward to the next order!


Joyce Ho & family

I have to let you know how much we are enjoying the beef we got last month.  It has easily been the best we have ever bought, and tastes like we eat at an expensive restaurant every time we eat it.  Even my wife, who isn’t a big steak fan, finds it so tender and tasty that she truly enjoys eating it.  Knowing that it is so fresh and local makes it even better.

Thanks so much, and we’re looking forward to finishing so that we can place our next order!


Kevin Young

I just wanted to tell you that we love the beef.  My husband went to Metro and bought a steak; same cut as the Whispering Meadows beef we were making and we did a comparison.  The Metro beef tasted boring and thin compared to your beef.  I think the dogs got the Metro steak in the end.

Sincerely, Monique

Thank you so much for delivering our beef last night.  That was very nice of you.  We had some steaks tonight and they were the best beef we’ve ever had!!!  I would like to order a side of beef.  Should I do that online?  Just wanted to let you know that it was really nice to meet you and we are thrilled that we finally found the best beef anywhere (who could have known it would be so close by).

Thanks again,

Kim & Paul Jessop

Just have to say… Wow.  Barbequed a sirloin tip steak tonight - medium rare and it was like butter melting in your mouth.  Very good.  Thx again.

Shauna Lidtkie, Ottawa Ontario

Customer review of Whispering Meadows naturally-raised Angus beefI just wanted to thank you for the highest quality beef.  I have tasted ground beef and rump roast so far — I really like the taste and smell — I can tell that it is REAL!  Thank you for good product.  I will be recommending you to friends and family and will come back for more when I am done with my first order.  Please keep me posted on any news.  Have a great day!


Alex Todorov

I’m happy to report that as week 1 winds down, we’ve had BBQ’d Burgers on Saturday, BBQ’d Top Sirloins Sunday, Taco’s Tuesday and Tenderloin Wednesday.  The beef truly was tender and sweet.

I was surprised at how tender the top sirloin was.  The tenderloin was like butter.  I’ll tell you my favourite cuts in future notes.

So now you’re wondering, what did we eat on Monday and Thursday?  Chicken.  Six barbecued chickens.

And tonight?

Friday night is Pizza Night at my house.  Tonight I’ll make it with tenderloin and cheese.  Onions, peppers.  Cilantro.  Topped with parmesan and fresh diced jalapeno…  Mmmmmmm.

Beef.  It’s what’s for dinner.

Rick Skrzypek

I didn’t want the evening to end without sending you and your family a huge THANK YOU.  I have just finished the BEST roast beef I’ve ever tasted.  Using your method of cooking it directly on the rack in the oven, it was perfectly cooked.  It was so tender and juicy — I can’t wait until I’m hungry again to eat some more tomorrow.  It makes me feel very content knowing that I have just enjoyed something that tasted great and is not going to harm me with pesticides.

So, thank you for what you do.  It makes a difference!

Wishing you Peace, Health and God’s blessings,

Catharine Bryson

Just a quick word to let you know that your beef is excellent!  You will definitely see us purchasing again.

Sandi Marques

Thank you so much for the BBQ box.  I had a t-bone last night and it was superb!  The bone was dense and healthy which assures me that the animal I am eating was well-nourished.  The meat was incredibly tender.  I have never had a better t-bone.  Also, I was extremely impressed with the butchering.  The steak had the perfect amount of fat, was the right thickness and was carefully cut and trimmed.  All the meat is well wrapped.  It’s obvious that a lot of care was taken by a skillful butcher and I really appreciate it.  I am so happy with my order.

Jenny K

I’m just emailing to let you know how happy we are with the beef.  So far, we’ve had a roast, some ground beef and last night we put a strip steak through the ultimate quality test: grilled rare with nothing but salt and pepper.  It was delicious.  It’s very satisfying to eat healthy, high-quality meat while still supporting a good old-fashioned family farm.  It’s a rare treat to be able to shake the hand of the farmer who raised the meat on your plate, so thanks.

Dave Harvey

The meat is like nothing else we have tasted, and the only way we will buy from now on.

Ramona Ostrander

Awesome!  You already know how much we love your beef!

Barb & Steve Renwick

I am thoroughly enjoying your recipes.  I have cooked the rotisserie beef several times and my hubby loves it.  We never had a rotisserie on our grill before so did not know how to use it.  I can’t wait to try the beef stir-fry recipe too.  Thanks again.

Karen Salem

So thankful to Whispering Meadows Farm :)  I was a vegan for 12 yrs who ended up with health issues due to my diet.  I had many deficiencies.  Vegans think Plant protein is just as good as meat but it is not.  Plant proteins are not a complete amino acid protein file and lack many things that Meat has.  Such as Creatinine, K2, vitamin A, B vitamins, EPA, DHA, ALA just to name a few.  All of these are essential for health and brain function.  I was lacking big time.  Some will say you can supplement but not everyone’s body will absorb supplements, nor do they work as well as meat.  I was so deficient no matter what plant sources I ate it was not enough.  It wasn’t until I ordered some organic quality meats from Randy at Whispering Meadows that my health started to turn around.  Slowly I am recovering from the worst experience of my life and taking back my health.  The meat from Randy’s farm is amazing, great quality.  My legs are gaining back strength and I feel much better.  Thank you Randy and team at Whispering Meadows. :)

Sincerely, Leslie.

We met last month when I came by for a box of beef.  I just wanted to let you know that we really love the beef.  It truly is different, and superior.  Thank-you for your wonderful work. 

Best Regards,

Vanessa Currie

Totally love everything about Whispering Meadows.  Friendly, reliable people with great product.  Always happy with them.

Sharon Neely

We have enjoyed everything we have ordered from Whispering Meadows!!

Pam Christie

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