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The best beef is dry aged...

…for a full 21 days

Aging, or conditioning, is a completely natural process.  If beef is allowed to age, the natural enzymes in it will gradually break down the tougher parts of the meat fibres.  The meat also loses some moisture through evaporation, which concentrates the flavour.  The longer it is aged, the more tender and flavourful the beef becomes.

Most large-scale beef operations, like the ones that supply supermarkets, don’t age their beef at all — they are high-speed factories where live cattle go in one end, and individual cuts of beef come out the other.

At Whispering Meadows, we use the old-fashioned dry-aging method.  To dry-age beef, the whole sides are hung, without packaging, in a cooler where the right conditions of temperature, humidity and air movement are kept with a high degree of accuracy.

During the aging process, the beef is protected by an outer layer of fat.  After three weeks, when the beef has become incredibly tender and its flavour is concentrated, we trim off the outer fat and hand-butcher the beef into individual cuts.

Dry-aging gives the best flavour…

We always dry-age your beef for a minimum of three weeks, then vacuum-seal it into individual cuts for maximum freshness.  We think you’ll agree…

…it’s worth the extra time to do it right!


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