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Ground Pork — 10 packages for 11% off

Naturally pasture raised heritage ground pork, available direct from our local family farmCertified organic pork from Whispering Meadows

Stock up on organic ground pork and save 11%.

This bulk pack gives you 10× 1-lb packets of our ground pork for only $92.98, a savings of $11.49 compared to buying them individually.

Our certified organic ground pork is made from premium trimmings of our other cuts of pork.  It comes from our organic, free-range pasture raised hogs, grown without antibiotics, steroids, or other growth promoting drugs.

Ground pork has a lot of uses, as it has a fairly neutral flavour that adds a lot of richness to your dishes, while highlighting your main flavours and seasonings.  It’s great for meatballs, dumplings, tacos, sloppy joes, potstickers, stuffed grape leaves, tourtière, homemade chorizo, dan dan noodles…

…or blend it with ground beef for some amazing burgers or meatloaf.

Order naturally pasture-raised organic ground pork direct from the farm in Ontario Canada. Photo by Stu Spivack.

Order your ground pork direct from the farm, ready to use in 10× 1-pound (454g) packets.  We’ll deliver right to your door.

Price: $92.98