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Old Fashioned Ham

Naturally pasture raised heritage pork, available by the quarter hog direct from our local family farmCertified organic dry-cured and maple-smoked old-fashioned fresh country ham from Whispering Meadows - order online for home deliveryOur old-fashioned ham is a traditional style, brine-cured, smokehouse smoked, bone-in ham.  It is uncooked, and each ham is cut 2” thick from a single back leg of our heritage organic pork.  The large femur bone imparts extra flavour and richness to the meat.

Our heritage hogs are grown without antibiotics or synthetic hormones, on free-range pasture, with 100% organic feed.  They live a stress-free life with no cages or crowding.  We believe that this translates into the best smoked ham you can find anywhere.

This ham has a tender, rich flavour, and will give you a mouthwatering centrepiece for a special meal… as well as making outstanding sandwiches, charcuterie, or cubes for pizza or salad toppings.

Smoked dry-cured ham from our naturally pasture raised heritage pork hogs

Dry-cured and smoked old-fashioned fresh country ham from Whispering Meadows, made from our certified organic porkMade from certified organic, pasture-raised heritage pork.  Order your smoked ham direct from the farm, and we’ll deliver it right to your door.  Shipped frozen and uncooked.  Read our ham cooking tips here.

Approximately 3.5 pounds (1.59kg) each.  Also available at a volume discount — order 4 hams for 13.5% off.

Price: $49.45