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Mixed Meat Boxes

We are happy to offer you a nice discount on some premium selections of our local, organically grown, family-farm meats.  The larger the box you order, the greater the savings.

  • Ultimate Mixed Meat Box:  A lavish, mouthwatering mix of premium steak, roast, ground beef, chicken, ham, pork, sausages, and bacon, that will keep your whole home well-fed for a long time.  Order this prime assortment and save 18.2% — if you purchased all of these meats individually, they would add up to a total of $604.98.  Our Ultimate Mixed Meat Box gives you the entire package for only $495, a savings of $109.98.  Click here for full details and to order.
  • Deluxe Mixed Meat BoxWhispering Meadows offers pasture-raised heritage pork that is grown without antibiotics or synthetic hormonesA deluxe selection of meats to have on hand, for a wide variety of meals.  Save 16.1% on this fine assortment — all of these meats purchased separately would add up to $351.73.  We’re giving them to you for $295.  Click here for full details and to order.
  • Meat Lover’s Box:  A nice mix of premium meats, for a number of mouthwatering meals, at a savings of 14.8%.  $228.87 worth of meats for only $195.  Click here for full details and to order.
  • Mixed BBQ Box:  Perfect as a first-time order taster package, for laying out a smorgasbord at a party, or for a single person.  $114.92 worth of meats for only $99.95.  Save 13.0%.  Click here for full details and to order.

Order direct, from our farm to your door

Our mixed meat butcher's boxes come with our all-natural sausages made from Whispering Meadows certified organic pork.Buying locally-produced meats is not only good for the environment, it helps support our local economy, and also helps ensure your foods are produced in the most healthy and sustainable way possible.

Plus by getting to know your farmer, you can trust that we raise our meats exactly the way you want them — free-range on organic pastures, drug-free, stress-free, with organic non-GMO plant-based feeds, and with lots of individual care and kindness.

You won’t believe the difference in flavour, texture, and nutrient content.

Order the size of Mixed Meat Box that best suits your needs:  Ultimate, Deluxe, Meat Lover’s, or Mixed BBQ.