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More Information about our Naturally-Raised & Organic Meats

Certified organic, locally-grown, naturally raised cage-free chickenWhispering Meadows is Ontario’s leading family-farm producer of certified organic, naturally raised chicken.  We sell direct from our farm to you, and we grow our birds to the highest standards:

  • Certified organic chicken from Whispering Meadowscage free,
  • drug free,
  • antibiotic free,
  • artificial growth hormone free,
  • and raised on GMO-free, organically grown grains & feed.

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Build your own butcher's box of naturally-raised and organic meats in Ontario, Canada with Whispering Meadows.For years, we’ve offered you specially-priced butcher’s boxes, which give you some nice volume discounts on various selections of our meats.  We’re now putting the power in your hands, to create your very own butcher’s box selection and save up to 22%.  Plus, you can combine discounts with a couple of our most popular products for even greater savings.

How does it work?  Just add whatever products you’d like into your shopping cart, and then at checkout, apply one of these coupon codes:Ground chicken can be added to your build-a-box butcher's box to qualify for up to 22% off your entire order

  • BUILDABOX15 for 15% off orders of $500 or more*.
  • BUILDABOX18 for 18% off orders of $750 or more*.
  • BUILDABOX22 for 22% off orders of $1000 or more*.

Every week, we bring you at least one of our popular products at a significant savings, to give you the chance to keep trying new things.

Check our Weekly Specials page regularly for our latest sale product.  Everything that we put on sale is the exact same freshness and quality as you always get from us, just at a special price for one week only.

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Our Giga Butcher's Box gives you a great value in naturally-raised and organic meats: beef, chicken, pork, ham, sausages, and baconWe are happy to offer you a nice discount on some premium selections of our local, organically grown, family-farm meats.  The larger the box you order, the greater the savings.

Whispering Meadows produces a number of gourmet products using our own premium, all-natural and organic meats.  We use no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives of any kind, and we use 100% certified organic ingredients whenever possible.

Read about our premium bacon, sausages, beef jerky, chicken stock, and bone broth below:

Our sausages are made from our naturally pasture raised heritage pork, with certified organic seasonings.Certified organic pork from Whispering MeadowsThese artisanal organic sausages are made from our naturally-raised, pasture-fed heritage pork, using 100% certified organic seasonings.  They may be the juiciest and most flavourful sausages you’ve ever had.

Our sausages are locally hand-crafted, using natural casings, with no fillers, no nitrates, no preservatives, and no MSG.  The certified organic pork is raised on natural pasture and non-GMO organic grains, with zero antibiotics, synthetic hormones or other drugs.  These are the kind of sausages our great-grandparents used to eat — and with updated modern gourmet flavours.

Whispering Meadows brings you naturally-raised, grass-fed and grain finished beef that is free range and pasture raised with zero antibiotics or artificial hormones. Order online direct from our farm!Whispering Meadows offers you the choice between grass-fed beef and grain-finished beef, for all of our beef ordering options.  So which should you choose?

Before going into the differences between the two, we should note that for both options, grass is the primary source of nutrition for all of our cattle.  The grass-fed animals eat 100% grass forage and nothing else, while our grain-finished cattle are supplemented with non-GMO grains to top off their usual free-range pasture-based diet.

BOTH our grass-fed and grain-finished cattle are raised completely free-range, naturally foraging on pasture grasses.  All of our cattle are raised without antibiotics or artificial hormones, and never confined to pens.  So both types of beef are delicious, healthy, and highly nutritious.

When cattle are grain finished, it helps them to grow faster, and it adds sweetness and marbling to the beef.  This results in a more tender meat and a lighter flavour which many people prefer.

Grassfed beef is generally considered the most natural form of beef, since grass is the food that cattle are naturally built to digest.  Grass-fed animals are generally leaner, which gives their meat a more robust flavour and texture, and needs a bit more care to cook perfectly.  Grassfed beef has been proven to contain higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and the omega-3 fatty acids ALA, EPA, and DHA.

Whispering Meadows is proud to offer you our premium gourmet all-natural beef jerky.  We worked with a professional chef to create three delicious flavours, all made with our own Whispering Meadows pasture-raised Black Angus beef, and using certified organic spices and seasonings.

We offer each flavour in a protein-rich 60g package, to give you the convenience of having an easy nutritious snack available anytime.  They’re especially great for kids — in lunches or for a healthy after-school snack.

You’ll find all of the flavours to be rich and complex, with a great mouthfeel and a long finish.  They are very high in protein, and 98% fat-free.  This may be the best jerky you can find anywhere!

You’re welcome to add beef jerky to your order with our regular shipping options.  Or if you just want to order jerky on its own, we offer a flat-rate beef jerky shipping option of $19.95 (including fuel surcharge), for any amount of beef jerky — to be shipped by Canada Post or courier to any address in Ontario.

Succulently tender, naturally-raised Black Angus beef isn’t something that you’re likely to find in your local supermarket.  If you want to know that your meat is free of synthetic hormones and antibiotics — and raised with care and kindness — then the best way to buy it is from a natural family farm.

When you know that we care as much as you do about producing the most healthy and natural meats possible, you can be sure that the meat you’re buying is of outstanding quality.  You can be 100% confident that your meat is highly nutritious, beautifully cut, and safe.

And when you discover that it’s the most mouth-wateringly delicious beef you’ve ever eaten…

…you’ll never buy your beef from the supermarket again!

Here are just a few of the glowing reviews that we’ve received from our customers:

Randy, I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with everything!! The lamb is incredible. We love all of it, the chicken, pork, beef!! Never going anywhere else. Thank you.

Monica L., London, Ontario

We are enjoying everything from your farm. From the ground pork, to the tasty, meaty sausages, to the succulent lamb chops, to the bone broth, to the whole tender chicken or parts, plus your organic eggs!!

We are very privileged and grateful that we are able to receive such fine meat, so well cared for. We appreciate all the intense labour and care that you give to your farm.

With many thanks, The Bergin Family

I purchased a variety pack of beef jerky from Whispering Meadows and was blown away by the quality. I first noticed the texture, it’s got the perfect amount of “give” when you bite down and the consistency is perfect — way better than gas station jerky. I love that the Martin family treats their cattle so well and feeds them a proper diet, which is obviously a rare thing these days. This jerky is a perfect lean, healthy snack. On top of that, they’re kind people, quick to respond and very helpful. Can’t wait to try out some of their other meats, especially the steaks!

– Ian

The Verified Beef Production Plus program is a voluntary national on-farm food safety program, that recommends best production practices for beef farmers.

The program helps to make sure that you’re getting the safest, highest-quality beef possible from our farm.  We keep detailed records of every one of our cattle, and identify and remove any possible health hazards before they become an issue.

As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”!

Our herd of cattle at Whispering Meadows has an outstanding heritage.  We select specific Black Angus bulls to breed with our herd’s cows, by matching their characteristics for the best possible genetics.

The Aberdeen Angus Breed has had an honoured tradition in Canada for over 140 years — there are purebred Red and Black Angus animals across the country, registered with the Canadian Angus Association.

In fact, Canadian Angus cattle are considered to have superior genetic quality, and have been exported around the world.  We select the best ones for our herd, as part of our commitment to producing the best beef you can find anywhere.

Aging, or conditioning, is a completely natural process.  If beef is allowed to age, the natural enzymes in it will gradually break down the tougher parts of the meat fibres.  The meat also loses some moisture through evaporation, which concentrates the flavour.  The longer it is aged, the more tender and flavourful the beef becomes.

Most large-scale beef operations, like the ones that supply supermarkets, don’t age their beef at all — they are high-speed factories where live cattle go in one end, and individual cuts of beef come out the other.

At Whispering Meadows, we use the old-fashioned dry-aging method.  To dry-age beef, the whole sides are hung, without packaging, in a cooler where the right conditions of temperature, humidity and air movement are kept with a high degree of accuracy.

During the aging process, the beef is protected by an outer layer of fat.  After three weeks, when the beef has become incredibly tender and its flavour is concentrated, we trim off the outer fat and hand-butcher the beef into individual cuts.

Over generations of livestock farming experience, we’ve developed a superior animal health-management system…

…that ensures you are getting the healthiest meats possible.

To keep our animals healthy, we follow a protocol that is based on natural farming methods.  Our goal is not just to prevent illnesses, but to ensure glowing health.

That’s part of our secret for giving you such great meats!

Whispering Meadows has been serving Southern Ontario with naturally-raised and organic meats since 2003 — including Toronto and the GTA, Ajax, Barrie, Blue Mountains, Bruce Peninsula, Brampton, Burlington, Cambridge, Chatham-Kent, Etobicoke, Guelph, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, London, Markham, Midland, Milton, Mississauga, Newmarket, the Niagara region, North York, Oakville, Orangeville, Orillia, Oshawa, Owen Sound, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Sarnia, Scarborough, Shelburne, Toronto, Vaughan, Wasaga, Whitby, Windsor, Woodstock, and surrounding areas.

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