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Pasture-Raised Spring Lamb

Our Ontario lamb is naturally pasture raised with non-GMO grass and hay, and no antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones.Our young Ontario lamb is raised on free-range pasture, and like all of our animals, is treated with loving kindness for a stress-free life.

The flock is raised on no-spray organic grasslands, where they are free to roam all spring, summer and fall.  Over the winter, they eat 100% non-GMO grass and hay, cut from the same naturally-grown pastures.

They are raised without antibiotics or any other drugs or growth promoters.  Just all-natural, free-range lamb, grown the way our great-grandparents used to eat.

Our lamb is drug-free, antibiotic-free, raised on GMO-free & spray-free grass and hay, and with zero animal-product feeds.

The young meat is dry-aged for extra tenderness and to develop maximum flavour.  It is processed at a regulated, government inspected and family-owned local butcher shop, and is hand-butchered into individually vacuum-sealed cuts.

We offer our lamb as a side, half-side, or whole lamb, butchered into a nice selection of cuts for your freezer.  The video below, while not done exactly the same way as our butchering process, gives a nice overview:


Choose the size of your lamb order

You can choose a whole, half or quarter lamb — just put down a small deposit to secure your order, and you can pay the balance on delivery.  The final price is based on the dressed weight / hanging side weight of your lamb:

  • Naturally-raised free-range lamb raised on organic no-spray pasture with plant-based non-GMO feeds.Whole lamb — about 50 lbs — $11.45/pound dressed weight.
  • Half lamb — about 25 lbs — $11.95/pound dressed weight.
  • Quarter lamb — about 12.5 lbs — $12.45/pound dressed weight.

The above weights are based on the average dressed weight of a lamb, which means the initial hanging weight of the sides before dry-aging and butchering.  The total weight of your lamb cuts will be approximately 72% of the dressed weight, after butchering into individual cuts and removal of unnecessary bone and fat.  Your order balance will be based on the actual dressed weight of your particular lamb.

A typical side of lamb will yield:

  • 2 lbs rack of lamb
  • 2 lbs loin chops
  • 4-5 lbs leg roasts
  • 3 lbs shoulder chops
  • 3-4 lbs ground lamb

A whole lamb will give you double those amounts, and a quarter lamb will give you half.

We deliver our lamb to you fresh-frozen in individually vacuum-sealed cuts.

Price: $25.00
The deposit paid now secures your order. The balance is due at the time of pickup or delivery, based on the weight of lamb in your order.