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Order grassfed or grain-finished beef by the side

Shipping Status

We are booking orders on sides & half-sides with around a 3-4 week lead time.  Once you place your deposit, we will contact you to discuss your cutting preferences, and arrange your ship date.

Whispering Meadows brings you naturally-raised, grass-fed and grain finished beef that is free range and pasture raised with zero antibiotics or artificial hormones. Order online direct from our farm!If you have a chest freezer, and tend to enjoy a delicious beef meal at least a couple of times a week, then your best value is to order a side (half cow) or a half-side (quarter cow) of Whispering Meadows beef.

For most families, a side of beef will last you around a year, and will fill about a half of the volume of an average chest freezer.

Compared to buying the same amount of beef in individual cuts, getting a side of beef will save you about $1,575 — plus it gives you the convenience of having a great variety of meat on hand whenever you need it.

Have your steaks and roasts cut your way!

Your side or half-side will be custom cut to your specifications.  It then gets packaged as individual cuts, labelled, and flash-frozen.

Order your side of naturally-raised grassfed Black Angus beef cut to your personal preferences.Ordering a side or half-side gives you the choice of how much of your beef you would like in steaks, roasts, or ground — and exactly which way you would like them. 

For example…

…you can have the loin cut either as T-bone steaks, or separated into striploin and tenderloin steaks or roasts.

Customer feedback:

“Awesome!  You already know how much we love your beef!”

Barb & Steve Renwick, Kitchener

…the round can be cut into fast-fry cutlets, round roasts or round steaks — or a mix of these options.

…your steaks can be cut the standard 1” thickness, or you can go thicker for that restaurant-style gourmet presentation.

Many other cut options are available, and we’ll help you make the best selections for your family.  We have a personalized cut preference sheet that we can walk you through before your beef is cut, so you get exactly the mix of beef that best suits your needs.

Please note that if you are ordering a half-side, you might have to compromise a little with the person who is ordering the other half of the side.  There are some cutting options that can only be done one way for the side.

This video gives a great overview of the process of cutting a side of beef:


A note about dressed weight

Grassfed or grain-finished Black Angus Beef, raised without hormones or antibiotics and GMO-free.Like all beef producers, we sell our beef based on dressed weight.  That means the sides are weighed when they are first hung to dry-age, which is called the hot dressed weight or the hanging weight.

Over the course of the aging process, the beef loses some of its weight through moisture loss.  Then when the side is butchered into individual cuts, most of the bones and fat are removed.  So the overall cut weight of your beef will be around 60-65% of the hanging hot dressed weight.

That’s how the beef industry works, and the pricing is set with the expected weight reduction in mind.

On average, each of our sides weighs around 340lbs of beef, and half-sides about 170lbs, hanging dressed weight.  To order, we take a deposit of $125 for a half-side, or $250 for a full side.  Your balance will then be calculated from the actual weight of your side, minus deposit.

Grass-fed or grain-finished beef

Customer feedback:

“Randy is an amazing young man and his products are unparalleled! He came to my rescue for a beef order Dec 23rd in snowy icy weather. He delivered right to my door! My son, a self proclaimed expert on beef, said that the steaks were by far the best he had EVER had. We had several family dinners enjoying Randy’s farm products. This will def be the #1 place to buy from now on! You have to try it!”

Anita S., Toronto

When you order your side of beef – as with our individual cuts – we offer you the choice of grassfed or grain-finished beef.

Our grass-fed beef is raised 100% on our rich blend of organically-grown field grasses, and nothing else — it is sometimes also called grass-finished beef.  Grass-fed beef is considered by many people to be the healthiest, most natural form of beef, with the most complex flavour profile and the richest nutritional value.  However, it does take a little more care to cook it to perfection.  We always recommend a slow roast followed by a rest, then a hot sear.

Order a side of beef direct from the farm and save - naturally-raised, grassfed or grain-finished Black Angus beefOur grain-finished beef is also grass-fed for its entire life, plus it’s supplemented with whole non-GMO grains to give the meat extra sweetness and tenderness.  This is the more traditional beef that we’ve been producing at Whispering Meadows for generations, and it’s what we would recommend if you can’t decide between the two options.

Need more info?  You can read more details about choosing between grass-fed and grain-finished beef here.

And you can also read more about all the other ways we make our beef extra special here.

An outstanding value for beef

We price both our grassfed and grain-finished beef at $7.95 per pound, dressed weight.  Once butchered into individual cuts, that works out to about $12.70 per pound, cut weight.

An average side of beef (a half cow) works out to between $2,400 and $2,600.  Compared to ordering the same amount of beef in individual cuts, an average-sized side of beef saves you around $1,575.  For a family with two or three kids, you can expect this to last you around a year.

An average half-side (quarter cow) is between $1,200 and $1,300, and saves you about $787 compared to buying the same amount of beef in individual cuts.  This is a great choice for a single person or small family — just remember that because a side can only be cut one way, and you’ll be splitting it with another customer, it’s possible that you’ll have to compromise a little on your cutting preferences.

These prices are lower than you would pay for most supermarket cuts of factory-farm beef, and an especially great deal compared to buying premium cuts at a specialty butcher — if you can even find comparable quality.  We think you’ll find that our beef is the best you can find anywhere, and an outstanding value all around.

It’s easy to order:

To shop online, just select the options you want below, and click the Add To Cart button.  Your deposit secures your order, with the balance due on pickup or delivery.

Our easy checkout process accepts Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, cheque or money order.

You’re also welcome to phone in your order by calling us toll-free:  1-800-439-3081 — and please call any time if you have questions!

Thank you — and enjoy your delicious beef,

Randy & Ang Martin are your natural and organic meat producers.Randy and Angela Martin grow natural and organic meats


Price: $125.00
Our grain finished beef has the edge in sweetness and tenderness. Our grass-fed beef has the edge in flavour complexity and overall nutrient value.  Read more about grassfed vs grain finished beef.
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