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For the best price, order by the side.

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We are currently booking orders on sides and half-sides of beef for March 2017.

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If you have a chest freezer, and tend to enjoy a delicious beef meal a few times a week, then your most economical option is to order a side or half-side of Whispering Meadows beef — naturally!

For a family of five who eats a beef meal two to three times a week, a side of beef lasts around a year.  On average, a side is around 340lbs of beef, and a half-side is about 170lbs, hanging hot dressed weight.

Have your steaks and roasts cut your way!

Your side or half-side will be custom cut to your specifications.  It then gets packaged as individual cuts, each wrapped in traditional butcher paper, stamp labelled and frozen.

Ordering a side or half-side gives you the choice of how much of your beef you would like in steaks, roasts, or ground — and exactly which way you would like them.  For example you can have the loin cut as bone-in T-bone steaks, or as tender and tasty striploin and tenderloin steaks (the “boneless” loin option).

Customer feedback:

“Awesome!  You already know how much we love your beef!”

Barb & Steve Renwick, Kitchener

The round area of the animal, as another example, has the flexibilty to be packaged as fast-fry cutlets, round roasts or round steaks, or a mix of these options.

Many other delicious cut options are available, and we will help you make the best cut selections for your family.  We have a personalized cut preference sheet that we can walk you through before your beef is cut.

A note about dressed weight

We price our sides of beef at $5.95 per pound, dressed weight.  That’s an amazing price for natural beef!

Ordering beef by the side is your most economical choice.Like all beef producers, we sell our beef based on dressed weight.  That means the sides are weighed when they are first hung to dry-age, which is called the hot dressed weight.

Over the course of the aging process, the beef loses some of its weight through moisture loss.  And then there’s some removal of bones and fat.  So the overall cut weight of your beef will be around 60% of the hanging hot dressed weight.

That’s how the beef industry works, and the pricing is set with the expected weight reduction in mind.

Your cut beef will work out to a price of around $9.90 per pound — which is far less than you would pay for much lower quality beef in the supermarket!

How to order your natural Black Angus beef:

For your convenience, we have three different ways that you can place your order.  You can:

Order On-line:

Order by phone:

  • Phone in your order, to pay by Paypal, Visa, American Express or Master Card:
    Phone:  1-800-439-3081  /  519-363-5013 (Randy & Ange)

Order by mail:

  • Mail us a deposit cheque for $250 per side, or $125 for a half-side, to:
    Whispering Meadows Inc.
    RR2, 056404 Conc 12, Desboro, ON, N0H 1K0

Thank you — and enjoy your delicious beef,

Randy & Ang Martin are your natural and organic meat producers.Randy and Angela Martin grow natural and organic meats
Dean and Trish Scott, Whispering Meadows family beef farmSigned, Dean and Trish Scott, family beef farmers


P.S.  To order your natural beef online…

For a side of beef, just put down a $250 deposit.  We will calculate the balance based on a rate of $5.95 per pound dressed weight, minus your deposit paid.  Click here to add to cart.

For a half-side of beef, the deposit is $125.  The balance will be based on $5.95 per pound dressed weight, minus your deposit paid.  Click here to add to cart.


P.P.S.  With a limited number of cattle raised each year at Whispering Meadows, our side and half side orders can fill up a long time ahead.  We highly recommend that you make a deposit right now, so you can get your beef before someone else books your spot!