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Organic farm-fresh eggs

Order local organic eggs online direct from the farm in Ontario Canada.Our certified organic chicken is free-range, fed on organic feeds, and treated with care and kindness.These organic eggs are local, free-range, pastured, and farm fresh.

Customer feedback:

“These are the best eggs I have ever had!” — Sarah P., London, Ontario

“Love these eggs!!!!” — Christine C., Toronto

“So yummy. All the colors were so pretty” — Lucy C., Toronto

Each dozen eggs is a mix of white, brown and blue-shelled eggs.  The blues are laid by Ameraucana chickens, which were bred in the 1970s from the Araucana chickens that originated in Chile and the Falklands.  Some experts believe that this is the only chicken breed that is original to the Americas.

Our partners hatch and raise this flock of laying hens, and give them lots of time outdoors in the sunlight, on natural free-range pasture.  The chickens get the very best treatment — they are treated with love, and fed on a diversified diet of certified organic, non-GMO foods.  We find that this makes for the richest, best-tasting eggs, that are packed with flavour.

The different species of hens naturally produce eggs in a fun variety of colours.  The egg shells range in colour from white, through pale blue, a darker green-blue, to brown.

Buy local organic blue eggs direct from the farm in Ontario Canada

Order local free-range organic eggs online in Ontario Canada with home delivery.Local, organic, free-range blue eggs. Order online and we'll deliver to your door in Southern Ontario, Canada.The eggs are freshly-laid within 5 to 7 days before arriving at your doorstep.  We think you’ll love the unique colours, and the organic farm-fresh flavour. 

As hens grow older, the eggs they lay gradually get bigger.  Our flock includes a range of hen ages, so you may get a range of egg sizes including small, medium, large, and extra-large eggs.

As a small producer, we don’t have the resources to store, sell, and ship egg sizes separately.  But if you have a preferred size, please leave us a note in your order comments during checkout — we can’t promise anything, but we’ll do our best to give you the sizes you want.

Order in volume and save 16% on 3 dozen, or save 25% on 6 dozen.