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Pork Belly

Naturally pasture raised heritage pork belly, raised free range and certified organicCertified organic pork belly from Whispering MeadowsWe offer our certified organic pork belly in slabs ranging from 6 to 9 pounds (2.7 - 4.1 kg) each, with your choice of skin on or skin off.  If you’re roasting pork belly in a slab, the skin is usually left on — it’s best to score it to let it crisp up into delicious crackling.  Or if you’re cutting the pork belly into your own thick-sliced rashers of bacon, you may prefer it with the skin off.

Certified organic pork belly delivered to your door from Whispering MeadowsWe also offer you a choice between fresh pork belly, which is left just the way it comes off a side of pork…

…or maple smoked pork belly, which has been wet brined for 24 hours, smokehouse smoked, and marinated in real maple syrup — the same way we cure our much-beloved bacon.  This gives you melt-in-the-mouth texture and amazing flavour.

The ideal way to cook pork belly is with a reverse sear.  Braise, sous-vide, or slow-roast it at a low 170°F (77°C) for as long as 10 hours, then dry it thoroughly and broil it at high heat for a few minutes to crisp it up.  It will be quite rich, so serve it in fairly small pieces, and everyone will keep coming back for another helping.

Organic pork belly from our naturally pasture raised heritage pork hogs - photo by Jessica Spengler

In Italian cooking, pork belly is spiced with black pepper and fennel, and tied into a roll to make porchetta.  Lightly toast 2 Tbsp of whole black peppercorns and 3 Tbsp of fennel seeds, then grind them and rub them into the flesh side of the pork belly, with a generous amount of minced garlic, and your choice of herbs.  Tie into a roll, roast for about 4 hours until fully tender, then broil at high heat until crisp and well browned.  Rest for 10-15 minutes and serve in slices.

Pork belly is also very popular in Korean cuisine.  It can be sliced thin and left unseasoned as samgyeopsal for Korean barbeque.  It can be roasted and wrapped in fresh lettuce as bossam, along with pickled radish, sweet rice, and savoury sauce.  Or it can be added to a stew as kimchi jjigae — among many other mouthwatering recipes.

Certified organic Ontario pork belly - order online for home deliveryOur family-run butcher hand-cuts each pork belly from our certified organic sides of pork.  Because our pigs are raised all-natural and free-range, we think it has the best flavour you can find anywhere.

Our fresh pork belly is priced at $12.35/lb, and our maple cured pork belly, which has been wet brined, smokehouse smoked, and marinated in real maple syrup, is $13.99/lb.  For skin off, add $1/lb.

We take a $20 deposit now to secure your order.  The balance is due at the time of pick-up or delivery, based on the actual weight of your organic pork belly.

Sold in 6 to 9 pound (2.7 - 4.1 kg) slabs, and delivered frozen to your door.

$20 deposit — choose your options:

There is a $20 deposit per pork belly. The balance is due on pickup or delivery, based on your pork belly's actual weight and the options selected.