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Pork soup marrow bones

Our certified organic pork is free-range, fed on organic feeds, and treated with care and kindness.Naturally pasture raised, certified organic heritage pork soup marrow bonesPork marrow bones are great for soups and stock, and are a staple of many Asian dishes.  The marrow adds a delicious umami flavour, and boiling the bones provides many different minerals, amino acids, and collagen to your diet.

Pork bones are also great to give to your dog, as a healthy chew treat.

Online delivery of certified organic pork marrow soup bones from your local family farm in Ontario Canada. Photo by SteFou.

Our pork bones are certified organic, and come from our free-range, naturally pasture-raised pigs.

Shipped frozen to your door in 2-pound (900g) packages.  $8.48/lb ($1.87/100g).

Price: $16.95