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Pork Chops

Naturally pasture raised heritage pork chops, available direct from our local family farmOur pork chops are cut from the loin of our heritage pasture-raised Tamworth hogs.

Our hogs are naturally-raised without antibiotics or synthetic hormones, on free-range pasture with organically-grown feed.  Their meat is hung to dry-age for three weeks before cutting by hand into individual cuts.

These pork chops have amazing flavour and tenderness.  The meat is rich and juicy, and will make a worthy centrepiece to any meal.

Order naturally pasture-raised pork chops direct from the farm in Ontario Canada

Order your pork chops direct from the farm, ready to use in 1-pound (454g) packets.  We’ll deliver right to your door.

Sold in 1-pound packages.  Two pork chops per package.

Price: $12.95
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