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Prime Rib Roast

Whispering Meadows brings you naturally-raised, grass-fed and grain finished beef that is free range and pasture raised with zero antibiotics or artificial hormones. Order online direct from our farm!The prime rib roast is considered to be the juiciest, tastiest roast that money can buy.  It is exceptionally well marbled, bursting with rich flavour.  Beef just doesn’t get any better than this — it’s the king of roasts.

To cook the perfect prime rib roast:

  1. Season the roast on all sides with salt and fresh ground pepper at least an hour before roasting, and ideally overnight.  Optionally add minced garlic and/or anchovy for extra flavour.
  2. Slow-cook the roast on an open rack in a low oven (200°F / 95°C), until it reaches an internal temperature of 125°F / 52°C, using a meat thermometer.  For a 3-lb roast this will take 3-4 hours.
  3. Let the roast rest at room temperature, tented in foil, for 20 minutes to an hour.
  4. Just before serving, sear the outside of the roast.  Either put it back in the oven preheated to 550°F / 290°C for around 8 minutes or long enough to crisp to a dark brown.  Or sear it in a very hot pan with equal parts olive oil and butter, spooning the oils constantly over the meat and crisping every side.
Prime rib roast that is free-range, pasture raised, non-GMO, and free of antibiotics and growth hormones.  Available grass-fed or grain-finished from Whispering Meadows.

Sold as a 3-pound roast, either grass-fed or grain finished.

Our grain-finished beef has the edge in sweetness and tenderness. Our grassfed beef has the edge in nutrient profile and flavour complexity. Read more about the difference here.