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Ground Beef

You won’t believe the rich, steak-like taste of our lean ground beef.

We grind it from extra pieces of our other premium cuts, which are trimmed off while we’re cutting our steaks and roasts.  And we leave in just enough fat to give it maximum flavour, without making it at all greasy.

Everybody raves about the burgers, sauces and chili they make with this ground beef.  It will add a new dimension of flavour to all your favourite recipes.

Also available in a bulk pack of 10x one-pound packets for 20% off.

Order grassfed ground beef online - our beef is naturally pasture raised, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and free range grass-fed.

We also offer our ground beef pre-formed into burger patties.

Our ground beef is sold in one-pound packages, individually vacuum sealed.  Shipped frozen to your door.

Price: $16.95
Our grain-finished beef has the edge in sweetness and tenderness. Our grassfed beef has the edge in nutrient profile and flavour complexity. Read more about the difference here.