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Beef Marrow Bones

These marrow bones add a deliciously rich flavour to soups, stews and beef stock.  Just simmer them on low heat for an hour or more with plenty of water.  And you can easily freeze extra beef stock in batches for later use.

Bone broth is increasingly being rediscovered for its health benefits, as it is an excellent natural source of collagen, glutamine, proline and glycine, plus many minerals.  All traditional cultures have bone broth as a staple in their diet.  It is said to promote digestion, skin and joint health, and immune system function.

Beef bones are also excellent for your dog — they are nature’s toothbrush.  You can give your dog a raw bone every week or so, and it will enrich their diet with added nutrients, while keeping their teeth free of tartar.

Our beef bones come 4-5 in a bag, around 3 pounds in total.  They include a random selection of marrow and knuckle bone pieces.  They can be kept frozen indefinitely.  Priced by average packet size — actual weight may vary ± 5‑10%.

Price: $20.74