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Recipes for Naturally-Raised & Organic Meats

Glazed beef brisket roast recipeA beef brisket is a wonderful thing when cooked low and slow.  This glazed brisket roast will melt in your mouth with a world of flavours and a rich, tender texture.

It’s one of our favourite meals, especially in the colder months when it really sticks to your ribs!

This chicken breast recipe is an easy gourmet dish, ready in about half an hour.This chicken breast recipe is an easy gourmet dish that just about anyone will love.  The chicken is stuffed with brie and has a honey sage glaze.

It’s ready in about half an hour, with just a few minutes of prep time.  The results will impress even the pickiest of eaters!

The Simple Burger is an easy-to-make hamburger recipe that you can throw together in just a minute or two.The Simple Burger is a basic hamburger mix that you can throw together in just a minute or two. 

And here’s how you can spice it up with one of our 3 favourite recipes to elevate them into Sensational Burgers.

This honey herb chicken wings recipe will please every palate. Order your organic wings direct from the farm in Ontario Canada.This air fryer chicken wings recipe will give you incredible wings in way less time than it takes to order in.  Their delicious flavour combination of honey & herbs will please just about any palate.

If you don’t have an air fryer, you can easily adapt this recipe to your oven.  Turn on convection if you have it, and use an instant-read thermometer to check for doneness starting around the half-hour mark of bake time.

This delicious and hearty beef stew is made with naturally pasture-raised Angus beef from Whispering Meadows. Home delivery of natural & organic meats in Ontario Canada.This delicious and hearty beef stew only takes a few minutes to put together, then you can leave it simmering in your oven or crock pot until you’re ready to eat.

The slow braise breaks down the muscle fibres in the beef, so it will be falling apart tender, and loaded with flavour.

Beef kebabs are a fun way to enjoy grilling up your meat, while adding your favourite veggies into the mix.Beef kebabs are a fun way to enjoy grilling up your meat, while adding your favourite veggies into the mix.

This recipe gives you a delicious marinade that imparts both extra flavour and tenderness to your beef.

Bacon wrapped chicken breast recipe from Whispering MeadowsThis is a quick and easy recipe that combines two of the best meats in existence — chicken breast and bacon.

With just a couple of minutes of prep, and 30 minutes in the oven, you’ll have an incredible meal that’s both faster and more delicious than just about any takeout.

Goat shoulder chops recipe -- order free-range pasture-raised goat meat in Ontario Canada If you like lamb, we think you may enjoy goat meat even more.  These garlic herb goat shoulder chops will give you a rich, succulent dining experience.  With the bone in, our goat chops give you even more flavour, plus the added delicacy of the marrow.

Here’s our recipe to get the most out of them.

This dry-aged beef tenderloin rub recipe will give you a gourmet meal experienceBeef tenderloin is the most exquisitely tender cut of meat in the whole side of beef, yet it always benefits from some extra seasoning to bring out its best flavour.

This rub recipe will give you a gourmet-quality tenderloin that any restaurant would be proud to serve.  It’s hard to imagine anything better for a special meal.

Rack of Goat Ribs recipe from Whispering Meadows - order Ontario goat meat online for home delivery.Goat meat has a rich and savoury flavour, similar to lamb yet slightly sweeter.  You may have experienced goat meat in the past that had a bit of a gamey flavour, but ours comes exclusively from young goats, and is mild yet highly flavourful.

A rack of goat gives you the most premium meat, equivalent to the prime rib on a side of beef.  You can roast the rack whole, then slice it into cutlets, to give you maximum flavour and juiciness.  This recipe includes a smokey rub and a maple glaze, for an extra-delicious crust.

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