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Flash Sale: 40% off whole chickens and ground beef

We’re overstocked on whole chickens and grain-finished ground beef.  These are the exact same meats you always order from us, fresh-frozen, and will stay good for up to a year in your freezer.

Since we need to clear more space in our freezers, for 24 hours only, or while stock lasts, we’re giving you 40% off both these meats.

Everyone raves about our certified organic chickens — many people have told us they are the best chickens they’ve ever tasted.  And how meaty, moist, tender, and delicious they are.

So it’s a rare opportunity to be able to stock up on them at 40% off.

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Probably the only thing we get more compliments on than our chicken is our ground beef.  People tell us that it tastes like steak, and that they’ve used it to make the best burgers, chilis, stews and tacos of their lives.

We need to shift some stock of our grain-finished ground beef, so while stock lasts, we’re also giving it to you for 40% off.

And if you get it in 10-lb bulk packs, you’ll get an additional 20% off, giving you a total of 52% off.  That’s the best deal we’ve ever offered on our meats, and we think it will go fast.

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