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All-Natural Handcrafted Sausages

Our sausages are made from our naturally pasture raised heritage pork, with certified organic seasonings.Certified organic pork from Whispering MeadowsThese artisanal organic sausages are made from our naturally-raised, pasture-fed heritage pork, using 100% certified organic seasonings.  They may be the juiciest and most flavourful sausages you’ve ever had.

Our sausages are locally hand-crafted, using natural casings, with no fillers, no nitrates, no preservatives, and no MSG.  The certified organic pork is raised on natural pasture and non-GMO organic grains, with zero antibiotics, synthetic hormones or other drugs.  These are the kind of sausages our great-grandparents used to eat — and with updated modern gourmet flavours.

All-natural and organic sausages, locally made from our farm in Ontario Canada, from naturally pasture-raised pork.
  • all-natural, certified organic, and made with 100% certified organic seasonings;
  • locally hand-crafted with love and care;
  • made with our premium, local & sustainable Whispering Meadows pasture-raised pork;
  • no fillers;
  • paleo, keto, and Atkins diet friendly;
  • nitrate free, with no preservatives, colourants, or MSG;
  • gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free and soy-free.

Shipped frozen, direct from our farm to you.  Each package contains one pound of sausages.  We have three mouthwatering flavours for you to choose from:

Barbeque Sausages are a great lunch or dinner sausage, with a tangy, slightly smoky flavour.  They are a nice size to fit in a bun, where you can add your favourite condiments; or dress them up on a plate for a full meal.

Italian Sausages are the same size as the Barbeque Sausages, with a more aromatic flavour profile inspired by country Italian cooking.

Maple Breakfast Sausages are a miniature size, packed with flavour.  Slightly sweeter, they make a perfect accompaniment to eggs, waffles, and pancakes.