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Rib Steak

Rib Steak


The rib-eye steak is very well marbled, extremely juicy and delicious!

This steak is extremely well marbled and is absolutely melt-in-your-mouth delicious.  It’s our own personal preference for the best steak in existence — especially when it comes from our hand-raised, naturally grassfed, free-range, dry-aged Angus beef cattle.

The rib steak is often called a rib-eye steak or a prime rib steak.  It is the same cut as the prime rib roast, just divided into steaks rather than being kept as a whole roast.

One rib steak per package, cut 1-1/4” thick.  Approximately 14oz (397g) each.

Our grain-finished beef is 90% grassfed, and has the edge in sweetness & tenderness. Our 100% grassfed beef has the edge in nutrient profile and flavour complexity. Read more about the difference here.
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