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St. Louis-style Ribs Recipe

St Louis ribs from Whispering Meadows are certified organic, cut from our heritage pasture-raised and free-range pigs, and delivered to your door anywhere in Southern Ontario

St. Louis-style ribs are cut from the belly end of the ribs into a near-perfect rectangle.  They’re best when slow-cooked to develop their characteristic falling-off-the-bone tenderness and flavour.

Traditionally, St. Louis ribs are smoked for 4-6 hours with a dry rub containing brown sugar and a mix of herbs & spices, such as garlic & onion powders, thyme, oregano, mustard powder, cayenne, paprika, salt and pepper.  Then they are mopped with barbeque sauce for the final stage of cooking.  If you don’t have a smoker, you can slow-cook them in an oven, or on a barbeque with indirect heat, and still get great results.


  • 2 racks St Louis Ribs
  • Rub: garlic powder, smoked paprika, onion powder, parsley, dried minced onion, sea salt
  • 1/2-1 cup barbeque sauce of choice (more if desired)
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