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Petite Tender

Petite Tender

Price: $17.95

Whispering Meadows brings you naturally-raised, grass-fed and grain finished beef that is free range and pasture raised with zero antibiotics or artificial hormones. Order online direct from our farm!The petite tender is also known as the shoulder tender, the teres major or the bistro filet.  It is a relatively thin strip of muscle from the shoulder, and is unusually fine-grained, with a lot of the same characteristics as tenderloin.  In fact, many people consider this cut to be the second most tender part of the whole animal, after the filet mignon, and at a lower price-point.

You can use the petite tender as a direct substitute for tenderloin in most recipes.  It is usually marinated, and cooked hot and fast.  It can also be used in beef stroganoff or beef tartare.

One whole petite tender per package, about 10oz.

At the moment our grassfed beef is only available by the side or half-side.  We're sorry, our other grassfed beef cuts are temporarily out of stock.
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