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Maple Smoked Turkey Bacon

Our maple smoked turkey bacon is made with all natural and organic ingredients, with home delivery in Ontario CanadaThis turkey bacon is woodhouse smoked, and made with all-natural ingredients. 

We take our own organic pasture-raised turkey meat, add real maple syrup, and smoke it in slabs before cutting it into medium-thick bacon slices.

A great bacon alternative, without having to sacrifice any of the richness, flavour, or texture of pork-belly bacon.

Online delivery of all-natural organic turkey bacon direct from your local family farm in Ontario Canada.

Customer feedback:

“This is REALLY good!  The smokiness is delicate and tastes real, the turkey flavour is there but doesn’t take over the bacon flavour.  I’m impressed!”

Cassidy M., Guelph

Ingredients: organic turkey, maple syrup, salt, cultured celery powder, natural wood smoke.

1-pound packages, delivered frozen.  Limit of 3 packages per customer.

Price: $14.95
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