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Weekly Special: stewing beef & pork belly, up to 30% off

Maple-smoked, skin-off pork belly is 22% off:

Certified organic pork belly delivered to your door from Whispering MeadowsDo you love bacon?  That’s a trick question — everybody loves bacon (unless you just don’t eat pork, of course).

We make our bacon by wet-brining our certified organic whole pork bellies, smoking them in a real woodhouse, and marinating them in real maple syrup.  The result is some truly exceptional bacon…

…that many of our customers tell us is the best they’ve ever had in their entire lives.

We now offer whole pork bellies, in 4 different options: cured or uncured, and skin on or off.  The cured, skin-off version is exactly what we use to cut our rashers of bacon from — and this week, we’re offering it to you at a 22% off special price.

This is a truly decadent meal option, which you can serve up in a number of ways.  You can cut your own bacon from it, in whatever thickness you love most.  Or you can roast it whole, and serve it in chunks.

Certified organic Ontario pork belly - order online for home deliveryYou can find pork belly in upscale restaurants as a gourmet menu option.  Ordering a whole one lets you easily roast it yourself at home, and you’ll get a lot more servings for a fraction of the price.

Limited stock available, order now before they’re sold out.

This week only, order maple-smoked, skin-off pork belly for 22% off.


Stewing Beef is up to 30% off:

Grassfed Angus beef stewing cubes delivered direct from your local family farm in Ontario, CanadaStewing beef is a kitchen staple that’s great to keep a stock of in your freezer.  On cold winter nights, there are few things more heartwarming than a rich hot beef stew.

Our beef cubes are made up of the best lean offcuts from our steaks and roasts — left over from when our butcher cuts up a side of beef.  It’s a great way to get all the nutrients of our pasture-raised Angus beef, and have an economical meal option available at any time.

This week, we’re giving you a great price on our grain-finished stewing beef.

Order by the pound for 23.9% off, and save $3.58 per pound.

Or order your grain-finished stewing beef in 10× 1-pound quantities, and save $44.85 with 30% off.



Full details and pricing for our sale products are on their order pages.



Our regular weekly specials run from Monday to Monday, and may not be combined with other offers.