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Single-Origin Organic Holstein Milk

Single-Origin Organic Holstein Milk

2 lbs (907 g)
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Certified organic whole Holstein milk produced locally on an Ontario family farmOrganic whole milk, produced locally in Ontario from grassfed pasture-raised Holstein cows

We’re thrilled to be able to introduce you to an organic single-origin milk from a local Ontario family farm.  Winding Creek keeps a small herd of purebred Holstein cows, who are grassfed year-round on organic pasture grasses.  Their cows are treated with the best possible care, with individual love and attention, and the milk has incredible flavour.

Customer feedback:

“Best milk I’ve ever had”

Benjamin B., Toronto

“This milk is amazing!!”

Shannon F., Alliston Ontario

When you buy milk at a supermarket – even organic milk – it’s blended together from thousands of cows that come from many different farm sources.  A single-origin milk like this one gives you a unique flavour experience, that originates from the particular blend of soil composition and nutrients on this one farm.

Just like a high-quality coffee or a fine wine, the terrain of the land influences its products.  Winding Creek Farm has a rich blend of loam, silt, and peat-based soils, and together with the full spectrum of grass species and silage that they grow for the cows, this imparts a rich and full flavour to their milk.

We think you’ll find this milk tastes incredibly fresh and creamy.  You may also be able to pick out some hints of toasted almonds, hay, vanilla, and white chocolate flavours.  Since we each taste things a little differently, we’d love to hear back from you about your own tasting notes!

Organic single-origin Holstein whole milk, buy online for local home delivery in Ontario Canada

A more digestible option

Winding Creek organic whole milk from organic pasture-raised Holstein cows in Ontario CanadaThe Holstein cows at Winding Creek carry the A2 gene, which means that the type of β-casein protein in the milk is considered more digestible.  Many people who are otherwise lactose-intolerant are able to enjoy A2 milk without any digestive issues.  The herd at Winding Creek is not yet fully A2, but they’re transitioning towards being 100% A2 milk producers.

Customer feedback:

“It’s superb… the family loved it and the taste is really something else, it almost has a vanilla sort of flavour.”

S Walsh, Toronto

“This is the best milk I have tasted by far!”

Marco A., Toronto

This milk is also non-homogenized, which many people find more digestible as well.  Homogenization is a high-pressure process, in which the fat globules are broken up by pumping through very narrow tubes at high pressures.  Our milk has its globules intact, so just like old-fashioned milk, the cream rises to the top.  You can choose to shake the milk to mix the cream back in, or pour the cream off and enjoy it separately.  Or you can simply use it as-is, and you’ll get a spectrum of creaminess as you go through the bottle.

The milk fat percentage, and the flavour, will vary slightly from season to season, as the ratio of fresh grasses, hay, and silage in the cows’ diet changes through the year.  We think that’s part of what makes single-origin milk interesting, it’s always new and unique.  You can expect the milk fat to be somewhere in the range of 3.5% to 4.2%.

Treated with care and kindness

Certified organic whole milk from a local family farm in Ontario Canada - order online for home delivery.The family at Winding Creek invest a lot of love and care into their animals.  They are continually given fresh pasture grasses, and kept in clean, healthy conditions where they always have lots of room to move and interact.

For their entire lives, the cows are treated with care and respect, stress-free, cruelty-free and cage free.  The intention is for the herd to stay small, and earn a healthy sustainable living for their family, and we’re proud to support their efforts.

Now available in 2-litre bottles

Cup of cappuccino made with certified organic whole milk from a local family farm in Ontario Canada. Photo by David Joyce.Whispering Meadows is the exclusive online seller of Winding Creek organic milk, and we can deliver it to you in 2-litre bottles.

Winding Creek put a lot of careful consideration into whether to use glass or HDPE bottles for their milk.  HDPE is the same material that all milk bags and jugs use, and in the end there were a number of reasons why this choice won out.  Glass uses a lot more energy to produce, transport, and recycle — whereas HDPE is considered extremely food-safe, is low-energy to manufacture and transport, and is highly recyclable.  It also results in a better price for you.

Organic whole milk, available in one or two litre bottles online, with local home delivery in Ontario Canada

The very best quality and freshness

Pro-Cert logo for third-party certified organic family farm milkBoth the farm and the milk are 3rd-party certified organic by Pro‑Cert, which is a professional independent certifier that’s accredited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.  They ensure that every step in raising, feeding, and treating the cows follows the strict Canadian organic standards, as well as every part of the milking, cleaning, and bottling processes.  So you can be fully confident that your milk contains zero traces of antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, or any other drugs or chemicals.

Nutrition Facts for our certified organic whole grassfed milkThe milk is pasteurized as minimally as is legally allowed, at just 72°C (161°F) for 16 seconds, so it’s the closest thing to raw milk that you can buy in Canada.

There are also no supplements added — absolutely nothing is added or taken away.  The milk is naturally high in minerals and vitamins, especially Vitamin D, because the cows are so well fed, and get lots of natural light.

We think you’ll agree that all of the extra care and nutrition that goes into these cows also translates into a deep and rich flavour profile in the milk.

And because we deliver direct from the farm, the bottles don’t need to spend any time in distribution warehouses, or sitting on store shelves.  So you’ll get your milk when it’s as fresh and delicious as possible.  We think you’ll love it.

Please note: because this milk is all-natural, and a brand-new product for the farm, the Best Before date may be a shorter time away than you’re used to.  We’ve personally been drinking it for much longer and it has still tasted perfectly fresh.  Many of our customers have also frozen their milk for later use — if you do, we recommend making a bit of air space in the bottle so it doesn’t leak, and shaking it very thoroughly after thawing.

Whole organic milk, farm-fresh, non-homogenized, cream on top.  Order in three bottle quantities and save 8.9%.

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