The tastiest, most tender beef…

…is raised naturally on free-range pasture

Buy steaks online: naturally raised, grass-fed Black Angus beefSucculently tender, naturally-raised Black Angus beef isn’t something that you’re likely to find in your local supermarket.  If you want to know that your meat is free of synthetic hormones and antibiotics — and raised with care and kindness — then the best way to buy it is from a natural family farm.

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“I’ve never ever tasted meat this delicious in my life! I’m SO thrilled we found you guys!”

Talia B., Guelph

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When you know that we care as much as you do about producing the most healthy and natural meats possible, you can be sure that the meat you’re buying is of outstanding quality.  You can be 100% confident that your meat is highly nutritious, beautifully cut, and safe.

And when you discover that it’s the most mouth-wateringly delicious beef you’ve ever eaten…

…you’ll never buy your beef from the supermarket again!

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Buy beef online: steaks, roasts, stewing beef and ground hamburgerDirect from our farm to your fork

Buying meat directly from the farm means you know exactly where your food comes from, and how it’s treated on the way from the fields to your plate.

With increasing concerns being raised over food safety, farm-direct food sourcing is becoming a growing trend.  If you know your farmer, you can trust the way your food is raised and prepared.

Plus, buying locally-grown food is a great way to help the environment.  The less distance it has to cover to get to you, theGround beef: recipes for Black Angus hamburger less fuel gets burned, and the less carbon dioxide goes into our atmosphere.

We’re always delighted to get to know our customers, and we’ll be happy to show you around our farm at any time.  We want you to see how much care and love we give our cattle, so you can trust the quality of the beef you’re eating!

So just how naturally do we raise our animals?

100% fed on plants

Customer feedback:

“I have to let you know how much we are enjoying the beef we got last month. It has easily been the best we have ever bought, and tastes like we eat at an expensive restaurant every time we eat it.”

Kevin Young, Guelph

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Cattle are herbivores.  Their natural diet consists of grasses and legumes, and we’ve found that raising them on this diet produces the very best meat.

And yet, most large-scale factory farming operations use synthetic growth hormones, antibiotics, and high-energy feeds — and raise their cattle in confined pens — to get the fastest growth rates and the biggest profits.

By eliminating these factors from our farm operation and raising our cattle naturally, we completely avoid any unnecessary health stresses on our cattle.

Sign up for our free beef tenderloin recipes, eye of round recipes, beef wellington recipes, and more!We only feed them on natural plants and vegetable-based feeds.  From mid-April to early December, they graze on premium pastures, eating a lush mix of alfalfa and grasses.  In wintertime, they are fed high quality hay, and in the end they are finished with the addition of whole non-GMO corn for a deliciously sweet beef.

We spend time with our cattle every day.  The calves follow us around like puppies.  This close working arrangement between ‘man and beast” creates a harmonious, no-stress environment producing the best tasting beef you’ll ever eat.

We believe that giving our animals the very best living conditions for their health and well-being, gives you the best beef you can find anywhere…

Free-range pasture raised — from spring to fall

Naturally raised, grass fed beef, raised on free-range pastureOur land is carpeted with alfalfa and a blend of white & red clover, brome, timothy, orchard, tall fescue, creeping red fescue, and annual & perennial rye grasses.  This rich mix gives our cattle an excellent spectrum of nutrients — which makes your food highly nutritious as well.

Our pastures are free from any herbicides, fungicides or insecticides, so there is no possibility of any residues of these substances appearing in your meat.  Just high-quality, great tasting beef, like our grandparents used to eat.

Customer feedback:

“I just wanted to tell you that we love the beef. My husband went to Metro and bought a steak; same cut as the Whispering Meadows beef we were making and we did a comparison.  It tasted boring and thin compared to your beef. I think the dogs got the Metro steak in the end.”

Monique Smith

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We also don’t constrain our cattle to small pens — they’re free to roam the fields at their leisure.  And in order to give them the best possible feed, we move them in temporary paddocks to new pasture every one to three days. 

In 2004, we were awarded the Ontario Pasture Management Award by the Ontario Cattlemen’s Association, Pickseed Canada and the Ontario Forage Council.  In presenting the award, they complimented us on our innovative farming operation.

It’s hard to improve on Nature, so we try to work with it to get the best results.  We think you’ll find that the way we treat our cattle translates into the best meat you’ve ever eaten.

And it’s incredibly healthy too…

Raised naturally for glowing health

Our beef is naturally raised, and is hormone and antibiotic freeWe raise our cattle as naturally as we possibly can.

We’ve created a superior health-management protocol that helps them to live a stress-free lifestyle.  And as far as possible, we use only 100% natural methods to maintain the health of our herd.

You have our personal guarantee that the beef you’re eating from our farm is free of synthetic hormones and antibiotics.  And we stand behind that guarantee — we can trace every one of our animals from conception to dinner plate.

Finished on GMO-free corn for sweetness

Customer feedback:

“We barbecued a rib steak for lunch.  Everyone really liked the steak, my oldest boy said ‘That’s the way steak is supposed to taste.’  I think we can consider this purchase to be a great success.  Thanks.”

Ben Anthony,

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Another secret to the amazing flavour of our natural Black Angus beef is the way we finish our cattle.

We supplement their free-range pasture/dry hay diet with non-GMO corn to sweeten their meat.  Corn is a feed with an excellent source of nutrients, and it helps produce a beautifully-marbled, delicious tasting meat.

Your taste buds will love every mouthful!

And there are even more ways that we improve our beef…

Aged for tenderness

Aging is an important process, in which natural enzymes in the meat break down the tough collagen between muscle cells.  The moisture content also gets reduced, which concentrates the flavour.

Most supermarket beef operations don’t age their meat at all before cutting it.  They run their cattle through a production system that processes the meat into individual packages without any aging time.

Top round roast beef - sign up for our free recipesBut we want you to have the best meats available anywhere.  We dry-age our beef for a full three weeks, under carefully controlled conditions of temperature and humidity.

The result is beef that’s so tender…

…you can literally cut it with your fork!

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Prepared the old-fashioned way

Meyer family butcherOur meats are processed at a local, family owned and government-inspected butcher shop.

Our butcher is a long-time family friend who knows exactly how to give you the best cuts out of a side of beef.  He then wraps your cuts in traditional brown butcher paper.

Immediately after cutting, the beef is fresh-frozen. This keeps it safe from bacteria.  And because beef freezes so well — losing none of its flavour and texture — you get the convenience of being able to enjoy it at any time.

So how can you purchase some of our delicious natural beef?

Better by the side…

If you like, you can also buy a full side of beef, for an even more economical price — and you can even specify exactly how you want it to be cut!

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Or keep reading to order in smaller quantities!

Ordering is easy

As a family-farm producer, we sell you our beef frozen in boxed 30 lb. variety packages called ’BBQ SELECT’.  This gives you a variety of cuts to enjoy whenever you are craving a juicy, delicious red meat meal - this is like a ‘mini side’ sampler of beef!

Another great and economical option is to order a Side or Half-side of Whispering Meadows beef and have it cut & packaged to your liking.

We also offer beef by the individual cut as a ‘Build-A-Box’ option (see the drop-box order tab at the top right of this home page to order by cut and see our current available inventory.)

Buy steaks, roast beef and ground beef for hamburgers onlineWe only produce a limited quantity every year.  So make sure you order your beef before we sell out. 

Our best-selling ‘BBQ Select’ box is an easy-to-handle 12”×12”×12”, and fills about ¼ of the space in a standard fridge freezer.  And you can even split it with a friend!

A great selection of cuts at your fingertips

Customer feedback:

“We had some steaks tonight and they were the best beef we’ve ever had!!!”

Kim & Paul Jessop, Kitchener

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Our ‘BBQ Select’ variety box of beef is 30 pounds, and comes with a minimum mix of excellent cuts:

  • 14 one-pound packages of premium ground beef
  • 8 “TenderSweet” steaks (assortment of t-bone steaks/wing, sirloin, rib, round, blade)…
  • 1 or 2 “Quick & Easy” packages fast-fry round or sirloin tip steak cutlets (cut wafer-thin — great for instant steak sandwiches, or slice them in strips for stir-fry, fajitas or beef stroganoff)…
  • 1 two-pound package of “Tender & Lean” beef cubes. Ideal for stews & kabobs.
  • Read our roast beef cooking tips in our articles section1 “MouthWatering” roast — approximately 3 pounds in weight.

The supply is limited…

Since we keep our herd small, we only have a limited amount of beef to sell in any given year.  

We recommend that you order right now so that you can be sure to get your beef before we’re sold out.

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Randy and Angela Martin grow natural and organic meatsRandy & Ang Martin are your natural and organic meat producers.
Signed, Dean and Trish Scott, family beef farmersDean and Trish Scott, Whispering Meadows family beef farm


P.S.  Buying locally-grown foods helps our local economy, and reduces greenhouse gases by keeping transportation to a minimum.

And when you get to know your local family farmer, it gives you the trust that you’re getting the freshest, healthiest food — direct from the source.

Customer feedback:

“Your meat is wonderful.  It is so nice to feed my boys as healthy as I possibly can.”

Julia Malcolm, Waterloo

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When you order your beef from us, you’re choosing an option that’s healthy, natural and safe.  Plus it tastes amazing, and comes at a great price.  Place your order here!

P.P.S.  Every year we sell out more quickly as the word gets out about our beef.  Make sure you get your order in right away….

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