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Buy online grass-fed, free-range, pasture-raised and organic beef, chicken and pork from Ontario Canada.

Richly flavoured, tender, juicy, & healthy meats — from our farm to your door!

Whispering Meadows is your local family-farm source,
right here in Ontario, for gourmet meats that are…
 — nutritionally dense, healthy, and safe.
 — totally free from antibiotics & synthetic hormones.
 — sustainably grass-fed, free-range & naturally pasture raised.
 — fed on 100% natural, plant source, non-GMO foods.
 — raised with care and kindness, using organic
   growing methods and certified organic
   feeds whenever possible.


You won’t believe the flavour in our naturally pasture-raised grass-fed beef…

Our Black Angus beef is mouthwateringly delicious, juicy and tender.  We keep our herd small to give each animal a healthy, happy life – 100% free of antibiotics and synthetic hormones – and we raise them as naturally as possible on a rich blend of legumes and field grasses.

We give you the choice of fully grass-fed beef, for the ultimate nutritional profile;  or grain-finished beef for the sweetest and most tender meat.

All of our beef is dry-aged for a full three weeks, and hand-carved into individually wrapped cuts by our local family butcher.

This is the kind of beef our grandparents used to eat, and it’s not something you can find in any supermarket.  As your local farm supplier, we want you to know the whole process of bringing your meats from the field to your plate – in the most healthy and natural possible way – and delivered right to your door at a great price!

Because beef freezes so well, losing none of its flavour or texture, we offer you fresh-frozen cuts — both individually…  or by the box, half-side or side of beef.

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Our free-range pasture-raised pork gets rave reviews:

Our pasture-raised pork has unbelievable flavour, juiciness, and nutritional density.

The hogs are raised without the use of artificial hormones or antibiotics, and fed on 100% plant and vegetable based feeds — including certified organic non-GMO grains that we grow ourselves right here on the farm.

You’ll receive your pork fresh-frozen & ready for your freezer, packaged and labelled in traditional butcher paper, so you have it on hand whenever you’re in the mood.  You can order by the quarter, half, or whole hog.

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Our certified organic cage-free chicken is tender and delicious:

Our certified organic chicken has a rich, full-bodied flavour profile that is worlds away from the factory-farm chicken you see in the supermarket.

Our birds are raised 100% free-range, in a European-style spa-like environment with natural wood shavings for bedding.  They are free-fed certified organic food and water, and are free to fly around, nest, and perch however they like.

These chickens are raised cage free, drug free, antibiotic free, artificial growth hormone free, and fed on GMO-free, organically grown corn & feed.

The chicken meat is moist, tender, and packed with flavour.  We offer whole roasting chickens, pieced chickens, and individual cuts.

And we’ll deliver it frozen, direct from our farm to your door!

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