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What’s Included

  • 2 Primerib Steak
  • 2 Sirloin Steak
  • 2 Striploin Steak
  • 1 Tenderloin Steak
  • 6 Beef Roasts
  • 3 Osso Bucco
  • 5 Fajita Beef *(previously known as Fast Fry)
  • 5 Stew Beef
  • 5 pkg Burgers
  • ~20 lb gr beef 

Introducing our mouthwatering Grassfed 1/8 Butcher Box - the ultimate choice for discerning meat lovers! Packed with premium cuts, each 55-pound box is a treasure trove of culinary delights, sourced from the finest grass-fed cattle.

Inside, you'll find a delectable assortment of meats that will elevate your dining experience. Sink your teeth into the succulent goodness of 2 Prime Rib Steaks, known for their rich marbling and unbeatable tenderness. Savour the robust flavours of 2 Sirloin Steaks, 2 Striploin Steaks, and 1 Tenderloin Steak - all handpicked for their exceptional quality.

But the goodness doesn't stop there! Our Grassfed 1/8 Butcher Box also includes 6 Beef Roasts, perfect for slow-cooked Sunday dinners, and 3 Osso Bucco cuts, ideal for creating hearty, flavorful stews. For those Tex-Mex cravings, we've got you covered with 5 pounds of Fajita Beef. 5 pounds of Stew Beef are also included - great for marinated beef & veggie kabobs in summer and hearty, flavourful beef stew for cold winter months.

For quick and satisfying meals, you'll also receive 5 packages of our delectable burgers, each pack containing 5 juicy patties. And to round out your culinary adventures, the remaining pounds of this generous 55-pound box are thoughtfully packed with premium Ground Beef, versatile for countless recipes. (approximately 20 pounds).

With our Grassfed 1/8 Butcher Box, you're not just buying meat; you're investing in unforgettable dining experiences. Taste the difference of ethically sourced, grass-fed beef, and elevate your culinary creations to new heights. Don't miss out on this opportunity to savour the finest cuts - order your Butcher Box today and experience a world of flavour in every bite!

Note: this 55 pound box is topped up with ground beef as appropriate - 20 pounds is the anticipated amount