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What’s Included

  • 7 packages boneless skinless Chicken Breast (10lbs)

Experience the delightful fusion of clean, healthy eating and environmentally responsible practices with almost 10 pounds of our pasture-raised boneless-skinless chicken breasts. Our commitment to non-GMO farming sets us apart, ensuring that our chickens are raised without genetically modified organisms. This approach guarantees a higher quality of poultry, free from hormones and antibiotics, while also promoting the well-being of our birds and the environment.

Our chicken breasts are the epitome of clean, nutritious dining, offering a natural diet that's rich in flavor and wholesome goodness. Perfect for family dinners, this versatile cut adapts to an array of recipes with ease, providing you with delicious and tender meat every time. By choosing our product, you're not only savoring the best in poultry, but you're also supporting sustainable and ethical farming practices. Taste the love and dedication we invest in each chicken breast, and elevate your family dinners to a new level of culinary satisfaction.